They say that you never truly appreciate something or someone until they’re gone… or just temporarily unavailable. We’ve all been there, the middle of a very important project and the realization occurs that you’re missing a critical piece. In this case, we’re talking about a graphic designer, the often unappreciated and overlooked whiz kids that do a lot to make our content and websites go round. We don’t know why graphic designers get such a bad rap, but according to this video, they’re definitely not Hollywood’s favorite professionals. Unfortunately, it’s often thought to be a sideline career and isn’t taken seriously, but it’s hard to imagine a word without these designers. So what do you do when you either can’t find, can’t afford, or don’t like your graphic designer? Fret not, artists at heart, we’ve got you covered.

For most people, graphic design isn’t really a DIY kind of thing, but sometimes, when the higher ups are sweating you or you’re running a tight budget, you do what you have to. As time and technology have progressed, the days where it was okay just to have a “decent” website are far behind us. Now your website needs to provide unique and quality content, and it needs to be pretty too! And with all the tools available, there’s no excuse for it not to be. Small business and website owners are increasingly creating their own website content and the graphics to go with it. With the right tools, creating a masterpiece is within your reach. Here are some tools that you can use to get started:


Canva is a simple and easy to use design software. It’s equipped with photo editing tools, free and premium graphics and photos, and the ability to collaborate on projects with other users. Canva can be used to create flyers, invitations, blog graphics, and more. And the best part is it’s comprehensive and it’s free to use!


Befunky is the funky editing software specifically tailored to edit photos. On the app you can resize and rotate photos, add effects and filters, create collages, and just about any other editing task you can think of. You can also be inspired by the Befunky explore page, which features millions of photos from other users.


Picmonkey is similar to Befunky in that it’s software that features tools for photo editing and graphic design. It offers a “Royale” service which contains no ads and gives you access to even more editing tools. It’s known for being very easy to use and is ideal for those with little to no experience.


Pinterest is an experience that allows you to discover ideas, projects, and pictures for all of your interest. And Pinstamatic is a tool that allows you to better leverage Pinterest by posting not just photos, but websites, notes, quotes, and music as well.

Death To The Stock Photo

This subscription based picture platform sends original photos right to your inbox every month. The company has sent photographers to the far reaches of the U.S. and Canada, to bring you the perfect photos for your project.


With Iconfinder, enjoy downloading professionally made graphic icons to use on your website and content. It’s now the largest collection of icons in the world! Creative professionals like you and me can use Iconfinder to find icons, while designers and illustrators can use Iconfinder to sell their original work.

Graphic designers have been around from some time now and it’s likely that they’ll be sticking around for a long time to come. For your advanced design needs and more complicated projects it’d be wise of you to call in one of the pros. Yet, as technology improves, creative destruction is inevitable, and for those times when you’re in a graphic design emergency, or need to save a few bucks, the ability to do it yourself can be an invaluable skill. Learning how to use these tools is simple; most of them are pretty straightforward or provide tutorials. Now when the pressure is on and the higher ups are on your back, you can come through with an arsenal of tools at your disposal!

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