Maintaining a marketing strategy that complements your SEO is key in 2018, if you have a great product, put it out there and make sure it is seen by potential customers. The idea surrounding SEO is simple, we need to make it easy for users and search engine robots to understand your website and what information is provided on there.

Over the past 21 years, we have seen Google grow from a simple search engine to the driving force for internet users. Changes in technology have meant there has been an explosion of new marketing channels and varying ways to target new customers.

Customers are now more aware of the fact that they are being marketed to. In order to address these issues, Google has once again adapted to create new tools for Marketers. The latest addition is the brand-new Google Marketing Platform.

The all-new Google marketing platform will replace the older G Suite. This new marketing platform brings together DoubleClick, Google Analytics 360 Suite. The aim is to help Marketers plan, measure and optimize all aspects of their digital campaign and create better customer experiences in one place. This Google Marketing platform will increase more targeted campaigns to customers whilst still protecting their privacy and allowing them to take control of their data.

For any Marketer, it is a number one priority to understand the customer and this new platform allows us to achieve this in one place. The software features an ‘Integration Center’ to help connect ads and analytics more effectively. Here you will be able to easily discover connections between products on your website.

DoubleClick Search will now be called Search Ads 360, which will allow you to execute ad campaigns end-to-end in one place, increasing efficiency. This transition will happen slowly over the next few weeks/month as new features become available.

This looks to be just the beginning of the changes to be introduced to the new marketing platform. We are excited to see what is next at Google!

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