digital marketing draft enx2

With the 2018 NFL Draft now over, it’s time to write a marketing blog. Before you ask if that makes sense, I’ll explain. If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past, like “A Scouting Combine for Digital Marketers”, you know that I am a crazed sports fanatic. I am a self-proclaimed draft nerd. Out of the 256 total selections from this draft, I know at least some small fact about or know of over 300 draft-eligible players.

For this blog, I am going to use the same concept from the blog mentioned earlier. If there was a draft for choosing the best or most-needed component of digital marketing, which component would be chosen first? I am going to list each component of digital marketing, along with a small blurb for each, explaining their case to be chosen first. Enjoy!

(The listing below in no way reflects my personal rankings of each digital marketing component)

Blog Writing

Writing blogs for your website is a great way to make your website more than just a business card. Blogs keep your website fresh with new and interesting content, while also increasing web traffic for your business. Blogs can give your digital presence an increased voice that’s consistent across all platforms and build the relationship with the client/customer.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, similar to blog writing, encompasses the same attributes but over a larger area of online content creation. This includes web pages, social media language, press releases, keywords, and much more. While blogging can help give your digital presence an increased voice, content marketing is your constant voice. Without good content, your website will just not have the conversion rate that you deserve, no matter how amazing it looks.

Graphic Design

This is an essential component of all great digital marketing initiatives. It’s everything from business cards you hand out on a daily basis to the logo of your brand. Anything portrayed visually falls under the component of graphic design, which drives advertising and attracts consumers and clients to brands. If you live by the saying “look good, feel good, do good”, then graphic design is imperative.

Marketing Analytics

Analytics drive each and every digital marketing effort. No marketing campaign is complete without knowing what the outcome is going to be. This is true for all types of marketing. Studying analytics creates goals for each strategy, whether it comes in the form of social media, website clicks, or search engine rankings.

PPC Advertising

Paid-per-click (PPC) advertising is important for any business with an online component to succeed. Whether it’s done through Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or promoted tweets, PPC advertising is a great way to reach your potential audience and promote your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that marketers use to make sure your company’s website is seen in search engine results (Google, Bing, etc.). It might sound simple, but many factors go into a search engine ranking. SEO builds your brand, maintains your company’s presence in your niche, and ultimately helps you make money.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It provides incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide. Social media offers relatively stress-free advantages compared to other components of digital marketing, along with being one of the most profitable platforms that can increase your business visibility.

Video Production

Digital video delivers your company’s message but can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Videos can be used on your website and for social media purposes. One video, that is only a few moments in length, can knock it out of the ballpark figuratively speaking. Your business can reap the benefits of your digital videos going viral to hundreds of thousands of viewers, no matter the platform.

Website Design & Development

Your website is your online storefront. Therefore, website design and development are key to holding it all together. Aside from making money, digital marketing is aimed to make clients and consumers visit your website. In order to succeed in an overcrowded digital work, websites need to be responsive, user-friendly, professional, optimized, fast, and always-accessible.

Why each component that I have listed is important to a successful digital marketing strategy, I believe web design and development is key to everything. It starts the entire process of digital marketing, working its way down into SEO, finally making its way into content, social media, and the remaining components of digital marketing. Without web design and development, digital marketing would be stuck in the sand.