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SMS, or text messaging, has been a channel used by marketers to communicate with prospective customers for years. But most companies don’t dare try it, or have never considered it. Why is that?

If you ask them, they will most likely tell you it’s because SMS marketing doesn’t work. Or they may hedge by saying that it “probably” won’t work for them.

But how do they know if they’ve never tried it? As marketers, it’s our job to test. Test new offers, new copy, new channels.

The truth is, SMS marketing exists because companies have made it work for them. And it’s your job to find out whether or not it can work for you too.

What Can You Use SMS Marketing For?

  1. Lead Nurturing – If your company uses a lead generation and follow up strategy as part of the selling process, then SMS can fit nicely into your nurturing program. Following up with those customers who have expressed interest via text can be a convenient way to spur them to take the next step.
  2. Promotional Offers – If you have the phone numbers for your existing customer base, SMS can be a perfect tool to generate follow on purchases. Send text messages anytime you have a special offer or discount to share.
  3. Confirmations and Welcomes – We’re used to email as a channel for simple communication with new customers. But SMS can accomplish the same thing and may help your company stand out from the crowd.
  4. Service Requests – Convenient customer service can go a long way to establishing customer loyalty with your brand. SMS is a channel that some customers may find more convenient than traditional outlets like phone or live chat.
  5. Events – Whether you host or participate in events, brick and mortar or digital, you can use SMS to invite your fans and customers. Webinars, product launches, trade shows, and talks are all tools in an event marketer’s belt. And SMS can be a great way to get the word out.

SMS marketing works for many companies. And the only way to know whether or not it will work for yours is to try it.

We should never ignore or assume a marketing strategy won’t work for us. If we do, as marketers, we risk missing out on true opportunities to grow our businesses.