Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

As professionals running a digital marketing agency, we live in our own bubble just as much as people in any other industry. Every time we see a company’s Facebook page or new website, we see things that we could have done better or opportunities that the company has missed. This is our field of expertise. This is what we do. One common mistake that I think all digital marketing professionals make is thinking every business needs one of us controlling everything for them.

A friend of mine runs Enviro Safe, a successful pest control business here in Las Vegas. He built it from nothing, and now has enough large contracts to reinvest in the company and make a very nice living for himself and his family at the same time. I took a look at his Facebook site to see if I could help him expand his social media horizons. To my surprise, it looked quite a bit better than many pages that are run by larger companies or professional agencies. When I asked him who he hired to manage the page, he told me that it was part of his wife’s job. I spoke with her and of course, I had a few pieces of advice for her and was able to provide some insights to help her manage the page more efficiently, but I couldn’t have run the page better myself because I don’t know the industry like she does.

Not every business will need a digital marketing agency to manage their social media accounts. Sometimes, it is more effective to leave the content to those who know their particular field best. But what most businesses do need is for someone to train them on the features and details of formatting content for each platform, and to coach them on how to best reach their target market. What they need is an Outside Perspective.