“Know yourself” is an old wisdom of ancient Greeks. But today’s (marketing) wisdom is just the opposite: “know your audience.” Your audience values ease and control—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Marketers need to meet these needs perfectly. An apt comparison is the DVR. People love to record their much-loved Game of Thrones to watch at their ease or even multiple times.

Game of Thrones audience is the most dedicated one than any TV series. In fact, it has simply changed the fantasy genre in ways that wasn’t possible before. The show has a built-in interest based on its hearty characters, risky storytelling, compelling women, political planning, and cinematic sweep. Committed fans do everything from role-playing to running social media campaigns in the name of GoT characters. Dozens of marketing channels exist. But, since Google AdWords (and Video Ads), and Twitter’s Ads are popular marketing strategies, this article touches them briefly.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords fantasy is that you find the perfect keyword, write the perfect ad, and take your leave while the funds roll in relentlessly. The reality is that as important as keyword (Game of Thrones, for example) and ad are, the structure of your AdWords campaigns will determine the success and failure of your business. Follow these steps to run a winning AdWords campaign:

  1. Create a Display Campaign and target Location (or locations): city, state or even country.
  2. Apply Campaign Settings—Demographics, Interest, Keywords, Placements, Remarketing and Topics.
  3. Start with a keyword, say Game of Thrones.
  1. Use now Topics and include websites that host the content of GoT. It shows you on premium websites.
  2. Now use the banner ads. Write an effective copy of it
  3. And finally use the same methodology to create Youtube video ads. Google will not punish you; instead, it allows you to make Youtube Videos and place them as an advertisement.

Remember: Your keyword connects your audience with your ads. If you connect it right, the right audiences find your right ads.

Twitter Ads

You can reach GoT’s market with Twitter ads. Your Twitter campaign objectives must align with your overall campaign goal. Here’s how:

  1. Launch a new Twitter Campaign.
  2. Add TV Targeting from Additional Audience Features option.
  3. Twitter has a special audience profile which includes only the Game of Thrones fans. You need to add GoT TV show as your audience.

If you target your audience this way, you’ll be able to reach more than a million followers who’ve watched GoT.