Digital StrategyYesterday, I talked about some of the digital discoveries I had made in 2015. Today, it is a new day and it is time to take what I have learned to a new level.

I briefly talked about things that I am looking at with respect to these discoveries, but what I quickly discovered is my current digital state needs a lot of work and everyday the landscape is changing. I have been discussing these ideas with a number of friends and co-workers to get their opinions.

At first, I typically get the “deer in the headlights” look. Questions like, “Why are you looking at things so futuristically?” “How will we ever get to that point?” After a few more exchanges in dialogue, the conversation ends with, “Wow! – That would make work life so much easier.” “Our clients would love that!”

It is time to look at Digital as the next major project. It is as big as a company-wide system implementation. It is going to be a lot of work and I believe it is the differentiator moving ahead.

Button – Driven (A brief comment of how perceptions need to change)

As I have noted, people are now more online than ever before. People are wanting quick answers to their questions. In the past few days, I tried putting a button on our company home page with the words, “GMO Analysis”. In the past, I would have thought that this approach may have been a bit unprofessional because it is simply a button and not some type of text explanation. Today, I can say, this type of approach is working much better than I thought.

People want fewer clicks, simple processes and easy to understand experiences. If the experience is cumbersome or confusing, many people are quick to leave. Start thinking smarter and strive for simplicity.

Need for Better Data

Employees want good data about their clients. Employees want to know that their time and efforts ultimately affect the company’s bottom-line.

Clients want good, simple data. In my case our deliverable is an analysis report. The report needs to convey analysis information in a way that is understandable and also in a format that can be sent electronically for uploading into the clients’ own company information system.

Management wants good data. Data with respect to financials, productivity, quality. Data that can be used to make future decisions and gauge client trends.

Start looking closer at your company data and understand where you need to be to effectiely serve data needs of the companay and its clients.

Clients Are in Control

How can we better serve clients needs? How do we create a client service model that maximized the companys’ knowledge and time to effectively serve clients.

This area is the key. Today, many people work harder than ever because systems are not necessarily in place to handle client needs effectively. Typically the superstar employees find ways to overcome these obstacles to serve client needs. The problem with this model is that more and more people are working longer hours and putting in more time to try and uphold old processes that have not been updated to meet the current level of support.

Clients can tap just as much information as businesses. Make sure you, as a company representative are doing your part by knowing what your clients want and identify process improvements to meet the clients’ needs.


It is critical that planning take place today and that everyone is onboard with where the company currently is and where it needs to be in the future. This process takes a lot of time and right now people have a wide variety of opinions on what the ideal system should be to share data internally and externally.

Going forward for 2015

The goal is to have a system in place that does the following:

  • Makes data accessible for internal and external client needs
  • Continue to simplify processes. (Eliminate dependencies and disruptions as much as possible)
  • Continue to watch the way people use data: acquire knowledge, make purchases, share information and communicate information

Time is wasting and we are in for major technological reform by 2020. The way we communicate and share information will be changing at such a rapid pace over the next few years. It is our job as company representatives to make sure we look for ways to bring our companies closer together to insure data quality and build processes that allow us to use data in the most efficient manner possible.

Picture Source: Pixabay