Putting a lot of time into your marketing strategy, but not seeing the kind of results you want? There are a lot of reasons why your marketing strategy may not be hitting the mark, here’s a breakdown:

  1. You aren’t content marketing — Content marketing is still relatively new on the scene. Therefore, there are still marketers that haven’t jumped on the train — big mistake. Content marketing is key to creating a successful marketing campaign.
  2. Your content marketing is subpar — I’ll say it once, I’ll say it twice, I’ll say it three times. Don’t create crappy content. Simple as that. Honestly, creating crappy content can be worse than not creating any content at all. You should be a respected and reliable source of helpful information. You’re providing knowledge, not just filling space for the sake of SEO. You should be deliberate in the content you put out.
  3. Targeting — If you aren’t targeting the right audience, your marketing strategy is useless. It’s all about putting the right content in front of the right people at the right time.
  4. You aren’t sharing — Don’t think you need to share your content on social media? You’re wrong. You should be sharing that every chance you get! You should also be aware of what social media platforms your audience is on. If you’re targeting an older demographic, it’s probably wise not to spend a lot of time on Snapchat. Speaking of Snapchat, you need to keep up to date on the latest social media platforms and updates. Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories, which are essentially Snapchat stories on Instagram’s app. If you’ve cultivated an audience on Snapchat, what does this mean for you? You need to decide if and how you should pivot.
  5. Terrible SEO — If you are a digital marketer, or you have hired on an agency to do your digital marketing, make sure they’re up to date on current SEO practices. If you bat an eye something will change. Seriously, SEO isn’t the same as it was even two years ago. Don’t be spammy.
  6. Time — You can’t expect your new marketing efforts to catch on immediately. Don’t get me wrong, they can, but don’t Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your online presence. Keep up with your analytics, but give it a few months.
  7. Partner marketing — Wowza. Partner marketing can be really good or really bad. You need to assess who you are aligning your business and its interests with. Are they a good fit? Their reputation is essentially your representation, so you need to make sure they are doing more good than harm. They should advocate for your brand even when you’re not there, because it’s just that—a partnership. It should be mutually beneficial. It’s not about having your name on their site or vice versa. It’s about becoming better together.