It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close. It probably feels like you’ve finally got a firm grasp on your 2014 digital marketing strategy. That means it’s time to prepare for 2015!

So what exactly should you be doing to gear up your digital marketing plan for the new year? There’s many things you could be doing, so instead of laying out a 50 page list that would take you weeks to get through, we’re going to list our 4. So without further ado, here is our top 4 list of how to prepare for the new year.

Mobile, mobile, and then some more mobile

You should already be well aware that the use of mobile phones is on the rise and, of course, so are mobile sales. So a good start for the new year would be making sure all of your digital marketing strategies are mobile-friendly, whether it be emails, website, apps, images, etc.

You should also not be viewing this as more work, but rather, more opportunity. This provides your company with the opportunity to put your product and sales right in front of your potential customers. Making your digital strategy mobile-friendly and responsive is a great start heading into 2015.

Spend a little to gain a little

Social media was, and still is, a free market. But as a marketer, that well has dried up. With so many ads and businesses posting on social media, your product is the needle in the haystack. Or even worse, a needle in a stack of needles. So it’s time to start spending a little on social advertising, and if you haven’t already, you’re behind the curve. According to eMarketer, digital ad spend worldwide is set to hit $137.53 billion by the end of this year. That’s a 14.8% increase from 2013, and it’s expected to continue to rise in 2015. It makes sense. In order to have your product stand out on social media, you need to invest to gain.

Better acquaint yourself

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get to know your customers and vise versa. Customers and potential customers want to get to know the face behind the product. They want a level of comfortability when making their online purchases. If a customer trusts a particular site or business, they will most likely continue to make purchases from that source. They will also tell their friends and families about your business, which is a great marketing tool.

How do you put yourself out there? Start by creating a voice on social media outlets. Depending on your product or service, you can use a particular tone in your posts to let your visitors know who you are and what you are about. Also be sure to respond to reviews. This is important. Your visitors want to know that you are paying attention to them. Just remember that your visitors are looking for an experience, and you have to figure out a way to provide a great experience through your online strategies.

Plan your email marketing

Email marketing is still a strong component of digital marketing, which means you will need to have a good plan heading into the new year. Your content is alway priority No. 1 when it comes to your email marketing. Do you want an email heavy with images or more text?

Another important part of your email marketing plan is timing. Obviously, you want to send out emails that fits your recipients schedule. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same schedule. This may take some testing to see when you receive the best open rates on your email blasts.

And of course, don’t forget about a simple, but important, aspect of your email plan: the subject line. Your subject line can have a huge outcome on your open rate, so take a few minutes to come up with something that will catch your recipient’s eye.

Now get planning

There’s a lot to be done for the new year, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Although digital marketing continues to change and evolve, it’s a safe bet to continue to use what’s been working, but throw in a few changes here or there to keep moving forward. That’s the best advice you can use is to continue to move forward. Once you become complacent with your online strategies, that’s when you get passed by the competition. So good luck and here’s to a successful 2015!