Marketo Boston earn attentionWe all know that we can’t own our audience’s attention from day one. They are in control of the conversation, and will only give you their attention if and when they choose. With digital marketing, you can earn attention and keep it.

At the Marketo Summit in Boston, this was a key theme of the customer track, which focused on the concept of renting to own your audience’s attention. For instance, Marketo rents attention by sponsoring emails and getting in front of the customer. Once the customer shows interest, Marketo delivers relevant content to have a conversation with the customer, which earns their attention.

How can you do this too? Here are the insights from event.


Out of all the different ways Marketo markets to their customers, content plays a role more than 50% of the time. Content is a way to provide relevant, interesting information to help their customers. Therefore, web content, such as blog posts, is the most effective way for the brand to gather strong leads.


Not only is content needed as part of the marketing process, but it must be relevant content. By understanding your audience, from their web habits to their email clicks, you can serve up content that interests and excites them. This opens the door for more conversation, as it breaks through the clutter of uninteresting emails and content your audience sees everyday.


Mapping out your marketing process and funnel is crucial to serving up relevant content to your audience, which keeps them in your marketing program. This is where a nurture journey comes into play, and whether your journey is a few simple steps or a map as intricate as a football coach’s play by play, laying out your process for nurturing the customer will help you stay organized while increasing your effectiveness.


There is a difference between engaging marketing and blasting your marketing message. By listening to the needs and wants of your customer, you will be able to provide them with relevant content and touch points to keep them engaged. Listening to your customer goes beyond verbal and written language. Listening is about understanding their web activity, how they respond to your emails, and many other nonverbal actions.

Understand the buying process

While content and different marketing tactics work for Marketo, they understand that the journey from web visit to customer is not a short one. The customer controls the journey and it can be long. In fact, for Marketo, the average amount of time it takes for a lead to become a customer is 327 days. By understanding this and being aware and connected to their customers throughout the journey, they can get those new customers in action. Deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time, and you’ll be closer to earning the attention of your audience.

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