The old conventional wisdom that business closes down for the holidays–and that there’s no reason to even bother trying to reach out and make something happen–is… well, just that: old. It’s a dated belief and no longer relevant in our digital world. The truth is, though business may slow during the peak holiday season, it doesn’t shut down. And that’s actually a good thing.

Doing Business As Usual…
If your company is already fully (or mostly) digital in operations, then you won’t find this concept all too radical. But for those who cap their digital business practices at email, here’s why business can keep on trucking through the holiday season:

  • Digital Workspaces. Project management, communication, asset organization, and just about anything else you need to accomplish internally can be done through digital workspaces. Networks like Slack, Podio, and Trello are changing the game, fully transporting the office from a brick-and-mortar institution to a global and mobile-ready platform. Want to be with family for a couple weeks without having to take the same amount of time away from the office? Go ahead and do both when you’re using one of these workspaces.
  • Cloud Storage. DropBox, Copy, and Google Drive are just three of many free cloud-based storage systems that allow you to abandon clunky internal computer networks and shared hard drives for good. Access whatever files you need anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Social Media. Social allows us to communicate to our customers, clients, and prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s an always-on environment that brands must master. Shutting down for a week or two around the holidays isn’t really an option–especially for retailers who need to be able to provide product support, fill last-minute orders, etc. While many companies are able to schedule posts in advance, other companies–and platforms (like Twitter)–necessitate that you be in the moment.
  • Publishing Content. Blogs, videos, photos… it’s important to continue publishing all types of content throughout the holiday season. Many of your customers and prospects will have more time on their hands, so don’t miss this opportunity to reach them. Also, your customers may be creating their own content during this time. Learn about UGC and why you should maximize its reach.

How Does Your Business Approach the Holidays?
Do you find that business slows down or stays the same? What strategies do you use to make the most of holiday business?