In recent years, your relationship with your customers has become more and more digital, and delivering good customer service in this context will continue to be a challenge (it’s no surprise a consulting firm called one of their recent studies “Customer Service in 2020: Winning in a digital world”).

Delivering a good digital customer service experience does not just mean being reachable on all digital channels, i.e. Web, email, chat, social, mobile, …

Not only do you have to be reachable, but also, the experience you provide to your customers has to be consistent across those channels.

One other important thing about digital customer service is the need to keep the “human touch” in mind: even in a digital relationship, sometimes talking to someone is necessary, so you must be able to provide your customers a human interaction when they need it.

So, the question is: “Is your company delivering good digital customer experience?”

The following are a few simple questions that will help you know how good your digital customer service is:

  1. Mobile

Is it possible to contact your Customer Service from your mobile app without getting out of the application?

If not, it’s too bad because you loose all the context information your customer provided in the app. And, your customer does have to re-identify themselves and re-explain what their problem is when they finally talk to an agent.

  1. Social

Are the important messages that your customers post on Facebook or Twitter immediately routed to the right resource within the Company, with information about that customer attached to it? Can this resource respond on any channel?

If the answers are no, you are missing a good opportunity to improve customer experience, by integrating social media seamlessly in your cross channel conversation with your customers.

  1. Web Customer Service

You are probably offering web self service to your customers, but when they are on the web do you know what they are doing? Do you know when they need to get in touch with one of your employees? And can they do it on the channel of their choice?

No, no and no? If you want to give the right answers at the right time to your web customers, you need to know what they are doing in-order to provide the help they need.

  1. Cross channel experience

Do you see your customers’ interactions the same way they do, as one conversation with you?

If you don’t, you can’t have full insight into your customers’ journey on all channels, and find the best employee to handle a given conversation in a way that will satisfy your customer.

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