Data Collection Strategy

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Digital marketers need to optimize their marketing strategies in order to attain competitive advantage over their competitors. Data analytics begin with data collection, which is the pillar in helping a business to expand its digital marketing insights. The prevalent use of analytics tools is due to the massive growth of data available to enhance the digital marketing process. The problem now lies is how an internet marketer acquires data effectively and efficiently. Both your data collection strategies and digital marketing insights should go together to optimize your digital marketing solutions. In view of this, we aim to help you in identifying a better data collection strategy that you can use in order to enhance your digital marketing results and return of profits.

Social data collection strategy

Every digital marketer uses the social media networks these days to attain a wider reach of audience and potential customers to introduce their business. There are numerous social data that you can capture that the challenge is how to collect those relevant to your business. One of the remarkable data collection strategies that you can do is to use the social media API in order to seamlessly capture the targeted data and information you need to make your business more competitive. Both the data collection and the use of social media API can help in giving your business smart marketing insights.

An API is a program interface used by search engine optimization experts to evaluate and capture vital data relevant in improving their marketing strategies in the digital industry. As an application, the API helps digital marketers create their own web applications that will be compatible to a certain website that will allow for the seamless flow of data collection on these sites. A social media API allows your business to easily collect social data across the social media sites where you promote your business exposure in the digital environment. Through the application, you can easily collect and store information that are relevant in understanding customer behavior and preferences.

  • The YouTube API

Youtube API

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You should entertain your viewers and followers by presenting some varieties on your website content presentation. You can connect your website to the YouTube API where you can easily extract videos that are relevant to your business industry. Use the API in collecting data in order to identify which subject matters connected to your niche mostly interest your website visitors. You can also use analytics in tracking down popular videos that are mostly watched by your competitor’s followers.

  • The Facebook API

facebook api

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Facebook has the largest number of social media users and using their API can boost your ability to collect numerous data from the millions of Facebook users. You can easily integrate its like button and monitor the brands and competitors of your business with the many numbers of Likes. You can collect and utilize loads of data from the millions of Facebook users every day.

  • The Twitter API

twitter api

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Twitter is one of the social media platforms that are widely used by the consumers when searching for business products and recommendations. Using its API offers you a powerful app that allows you to collect data taken from more than 143,000 tweets daily to track down the preferences and likes of your target consumers.

  • The LinkedIn API

linkedin api

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LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to find great talents whom you can leverage in promoting your business network. Using the API, you can easily integrate your business profile to the social media network by creating your own social connections with professionals who have the same expertise as yours. The data you can collect will help you expand your knowledge and digital marketing insights from other professionals and experts.

Data collection management strategies

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Managing the performance of your digital marketing is quite a challenge. With a huge data and information available for you to explore, you probably don’t know how and where to start collecting them.

  • Your data collection performance strategy should consist of using data analytic tools to measure the data available that are presented in measurable metrics.
  • Use the tool in automating the process of data collection using targeted data that you need for your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Leverage on the modern analytic tool’s ability to deliver real time data analysis based on the filtered data metrics that you select that are relevant to your business.
  • Hire a data specialist in order to shift through relevant data for digital marketing and to interpret the data collection report and analytic results within the perspective of your target digital marketing goals.
  • Work with a team of analysts to brainstorm on the most appropriate digital marketing campaigns to launch, according to the data collected and the analytics report generated.
  • Choose an analytics tool that is capable of filtering and organizing the data collection by categories for easy retrieval and clearer marketing insights.

Undertake data exploration

With data exploration, you will be using statistical analysis about the collected data in order to enhance and empower your digital marketing insights. This data collection strategy will allow you to obtain information that you probably did not consider as valuable or have never known before.

  • Obtain data regarding the predictive behavior of your target customers with respect to their business transaction history and preferences.
  • Collect data in segments and undertake a cluster analysis to understand specific or particular customer behavior in groups or by category, keeping data of their similar attributes that will help you launch a digital marketing strategy directed to specific groups of consumers.
  • Use the data in sending customized messages to a particular group of customers to market your business. The data collected can help you identify which of your products are best to offer a target group of customers based on their preferences.
  • Explore data according to the customer purchasing habits, behavior and preferences. Use the collected data in order to improve your digital marketing techniques to improve your customer experience with your business.
  • Get the services of experts in data interpretation when you are unable to relate to the massive loads of data available for your business. Digital marketers often hire statisticians and data analysts to give meaning to the statistical information that are valuable in helping them define a more practical digital marketing solutions.

The data collection process can be complicated, especially when you need to analyze big data for your business. Digital Warriors can help you unburden the process of data collection and analysis with the help of its expert data analysts. Our other services available are IT consulting, marketing analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web design and development.

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