In the era of the programmatic advertising, we see influx of ad technology focusing on Supply side, Demand side and everything in between from Data Management Platform, Ad Verification, which allow advertisers to do precision targeting based on demographics, behaviour and intend, achieving the utopia of “Right Message”, “Right time”, “Right person”. However, one observation is that we are still in in fancy stage when it comes to Creatives Management Platforms. As we move away from the Flash-base banners and welcome the era of HTML 5, the slower advertisers adopt the creatives management technology, the easier they get left behind. So exactly what is Creatives Management Platform?

As marketers, I always encounter issue with banner creatives, having to creative multiple sizes (On last count there are over 20 IAB standards ad sizes), and if we apply that by different languages, the version get multiply and lead to cumbersome process of resizing, ad serving. And if any changes required is to be made, then the process will need to start over again. That’s where creatives management platform such as Thunder, Spongcell, and Enzymic come into play and solve this need.

Simply put, Creatives Management Platform provide the technology that allow creatives designer to design, localise and deploy HTML 5 banners in different ad sizes easily and rapidly across different platform.

And it’s not just the ease of deploying multiple ads that make creative management integral part of programmatic, it’s the integration with data that ensure the right audience are shown with right message, and optimisation engine using machine learning to optimise to ensure higher performing ads are shown.

Buy why adoption of Creatives Management Platform is slow?

From my observation, this way of creating and deploying banners is still at infancy stage and not widely adopted. Why is this so? One main reason is the creative process is primary owned by Creative Agency. Due to the silos between creatives agency and media agency, the creatives process is still owned by creative agency, and using data to inform of creatives are just not part of their DNA. Most often you will get a blank look, if you are explaining programmatic, audience targeting to creative guy who are brainstorming for next Cannes Award.

And for Media agency, they don’t feels that it’s their job when comes to creatives and simply don’t care.

So to ensure advertisers leverage the benefits of creative management platform, it is important that advertisers themselves continue to push this adoption of creative management. And they of course need to feel that the existing process of manual way of HTML 5 creation, ad serve is just so painful and costly. And need to realise that there are technology out there to meet their needs.