We recently hosted Anthony Wong for a webinar about how to make better marketing videos with your iPhone and iPad. Anthony went over the available apps that allow you to create better video on iPhone and iPad. The key top using any of these apps is that they require practice. Before the webinar, Anthony created a promo video that he used as a working example for all the presentation.

How to Plan For Your Mobile Video

There are 3 steps involved in creating a mobile video.

  • Planning
  • Shooting
  • Editing

Of the 3 steps involved, the shooting and the editing are the difficult steps. That being said, by properly planning, you can make shooting and editing your video easier.

What is involved in planning? Creating a structure for your video which should include the following

  • What the video is about- In our case introducing the webinar.
  • Message- Here you can see the difference between an average and excellent mobile video.
  • Call to Action- In our case it was inviting people to attend the webinar.

How to Shoot iPhone Videos

When you are shooting a video on your iPhone there are 3 basic guidelines you need to keep in mind.

Create Better Video on Iphone

1. You need to make sure the lighting is good and that it falls on the subject and doesn’t come from behind the subject which will lead to a silhouette effect. An app you can use to help your lighting is Filmic Classic. The big advantage of Filmic Classic is that you can adjust your exposure and focus separately and then lock them. This means that when you move the camera while you are shooting it is not constantly readjusting the focus giving you a crisper video.

2. You need to make sure you use a microphone so your sound quality is good. Viewers are far less forgiving when it comes to sound quality than they are with visual content. For a single subjects you should use a “tie mic” or “lavalier mic”, for 2 or more subjects a handheld mic is preferable and for videos which involve running around you need a mini-shotgun mic. It’s important to note that for all these mics you will probably need to buy an adapter as well.

3. You need to purchase a tripod so your video is stable. 2 places you can purchase tripods for your iPhone are istabilizer and joby. Both of these stores have tripods that fit any iPhone and don’t require you to remove your cover (istabilizer makes tripods for iPad as well). It’s important to note that stabilized doesn’t mean stationary and if you want to take videos where you are walking and talking it may be worth investing in an extendable monopod.

How to Edit iPhone Videos

Before you start editing your video you need to make sure all the takes and titles are ready to go. To create titles for your video you can use either the Film Genie App or the Intro Designer App which allow you to add effects to your text screens. Film Genie is free although they only offer you a limited amount of effects (for 99 cents you can get 6 more effects). Intro Designer costs $2.99 but comes with over 25 templates and has a very easy to use interface.

Once that is complete you may want to add blurs, vignettes or color to your video. Tiltshift Video App is ideal for and allows you to “soften” the image for the viewer and lets you focus on the subject of the video.

Video Call to ActionFor the last scene of the video, you may want to try the Action Movie FX App to add cool action shots to your video (such as the shot of the rock falling in the promo video). While at first glance this may not be so useful for a business or organization, the app adds an aura of professionalism to your video and can be very powerful when combined with a call to action.

Once all this is complete you need to assemble your video. iMovie video editing app allows you to take all the shots you have made and assemble them, add transitions between scenes as well as sound effects and theme music.

A Professional Mobile Video

The end result of the editing and assembly should be a cleaner and more enjoyable viewing experience for your content consumers. When you create better video on iPhone, it reflects well on you and your business and makes you seem more professional.

Have you tried any of these apps or techniques for your mobile video?