Have you ever really considered which contact details to include on your mobile website, and what tappable means of communication to provide its visitors with? What if I told you that the page you equipped with a contact form that you have no strategy for responding to, may be the landing page for the type of the business you are running?

Despite being at the very end of your mobile site, the “Contact us/me” page tells as much about the character of your business as your homepage, and is a place where you can reassure your potential clients that what they have found is exactly what they had been looking for. Answer the following questions to learn your visitors’ expectations.

Do you have a location?

Make it possible to find you. If you have a store, a restaurant, or a beauty parlour, your location is your breadwinner.

  • Set a map with step-by-step driving directions from you mobile site visitor’s current location, or from a given address.
  • Include a table with opening hours and inform your potential clients when you are available for them.

Do you rely on phone contact?

Enable immediate contact with you or your team for services and businesses that require phone communication.

  • Provide „click-to-call” and „click-to-sms” buttons that automatically pull out your phone number so that prospects do not need to enter or rewrite it to contact you.

Do you expect e-mail contact?

Adjust e-mail communication to both mobile restrictions and capabilities. Gain leads simply assisting your prospects.

  • Add a contact form for direct written communication. Think of which personal data you require to best serve your prospects and ask for minimum information. Remember that each time a message is left your database of leads grows with another valuable entry, so try to serve your own best interests, too!

Do you communicate in social media?

Redirect your visitors to your social media pages and highlight your presence in the virtual community – this is also the place where you are running your business, isn’t it?

  • Include the “Follow us” section for your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube business pages.

Think mobile and enable your visitors to contact and find you at a single finger tap. Avoid presenting mobile contact details in the desktop-like way. Do not provide your phone number, or e-mail as plain text where you can benefit from call-to-action buttons.

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