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Want to know where the future of digital marketing is headed? Then look to where the movers-and-shakers of the social media marketing landscape have just been. In a recent blog post, AdWeek rounded up eight top digital marketing stories from the last few weeks. This is valuable information for any brand that plays in the digital space. We took a deeper look into the three of those stories that we consider the most meaningful for digital and social media marketing…

Three Digital Marketing Highlights

  • Chubbies’ low-budget Facebook video shows platform’s power. For years, YouTube was the obvious place to house your brand’s video, right? That mentality is shifting, as Facebook makes increasingly completive moves to get brands to post natively to their platform. (As we reported earlier this summer, “Social video leaders like GoPro and MTV actually posted more videos to Facebook than to YouTube in 2014.”) This July, Chubbies, a frat-targeted men’s shorts retailer, saw a drastic difference between the Facebook and YouTube versions of their latest 30-second spot. On day two, the Facebook version had 11,000 views and 350 Likes, while the YouTube version had only 300 views and 2 comments. Another Chubbies video, for comparison… Facebook: 900,000 views, 3,600 Likes and nearly 1,000 shares; YouTube: 3,100 views, a few comments.
  • Instagram advertising sales are projected to hit $2.8B by 2017. It was less than two years ago when Instagram launched ads for its platform. Today, those ads are being shown to the platform’s 300 million users on a regular basis. eMarketer predicts that total advertising sales will be worth $2.8 billion by 2017. There’s just one problem: currently, Instagram ads only run on smartphones and tablets. In June 2015, 8 million people logged into Instagram on their desktop… and not one ad was shown. Will Instagram continue to hold fast to their mobile-first ethos? Or will they extend advertisers’ capabilities to tap into those 22.8 million users (just one month of traffic)? We’re betting on option B.
  • Pandora Sponsored Listening ads offer big impact. We’ve recently blogged about developments in YouTube’s video ads and Facebook video ads. But perhaps the most interesting experiments in video advertising are happening over at Pandora. The music-streaming company’s new “Sponsored Listening” ad format allows users to listen to an hour of commercial-free music in exchange for watching a single video ad. Pandora reports that beta-advertiser Land Rover saw a 30 percent increase in purchase intent and a 12 percent increase in brand awareness.

What Direction Do You See Digital Marketing Going This Fall?

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