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Source: Pixabay

Developing and optimising landing pages the old fashioned way require a ton of work. After designing a layout, writing all the codes, and producing your copy, you also need to measure the performance of your landing pages to increase conversions. However, gathering sufficient data from your audience to gauge the effectiveness of a landing page may take a very long time.

Why bother with landing pages? For starters, landing pages are where visitors turn to subscribers and subscribers turn to paying customers. It is the key to inbound marketing success and growing your business significantly over time.

Thankfully, you no longer need to build your landing pages from the ground up. With page builders and templates, you can eliminate all the guesswork and rapidly create effective landing pages. Here are the best platforms you can use to build highly converting landing pages for your marketing campaigns:



GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing tool that allows you to build landing pages for all purposes. You can use it for making opt-ins, newsletters, promo pages, and so on. It offers templates that are laid out by professionals to maximise your conversions.

Everything within the landing page builder is fully customizable. You can crop, resize, move, reshape and group elements to achieve the look you want. Page elements are contained within “blocks” such as fields, text, and buttons. Lastly, all landing pages are completely responsive so you can maintain the user experience for your mobile audience.

Apart from the landing page editor, GetResponse also provides you with all the tools you need for email marketing campaigns.

Why Email Marketing?

Landing pages work by offering something valuable in exchange for your visitor’s contact information – usually their email address. Instead of sending traffic straight to your homepage, successful businesses present them with an attractive landing page, so they get the chance to become stronger leads.

In essence, even if users click away from your site, you still get the opportunity to reach them through email marketing. Moreover, this is how you can start expanding your brand’s reach. This is why it is great to have an all-in-one landing page builder and marketing platform such as GetResponse. You can manage everything you need for your email marketing in one place.



Instapage is a great platform if you are looking for landing page templates that convert. It has a range of visually appealing page templates for all purposes. One of its notable features is the smooth integration with other marketing platforms such as Salesforce, KISSmetrics, and GetResponse.

Building landing pages with Instapage consists of several simplified processes. The first thing you should do is to set your background. You may choose an existing pattern, a flat colour, or upload a custom image. Using your background image is the most preferred. Also, choosing a flat colour can make your landing page look much more professional.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to add quickly various elements such as paragraphs, buttons, videos, and input fields. Everything is completely adjustable so you can customise your landing page to your liking. Alternatively, you can just select a premade layout and start from there.

Bonus: LeadPages Free Templates


LeadPages is another landing page builder that is packed with features. Just like Instapage, it also allows integration with other marketing apps and platforms. However, you cannot really try their services for free. Instead, you can opt to use some of their best-made landing pages for free – forever.

LeadPages offers a rich library of free landing page templates made specifically for different lead generation techniques. For example, if you use Facebook to generate leads, then you can use their beautiful Facebook landing page for free. It is specially designed to appeal to Facebook users – from the simple colour scheme to the built-in “Like” button. You may also maximise conversions using “Free Report”, “Free Ebook”, and “Instant Access” landing page templates that attract leads like a magnet.

Just remember that these templates are only customizable by code. However, you sign up for a paid LeadPages account to access their drag-and-drop builder along with over a hundred more landing page templates.


Landing pages are undeniably essential components for a successful marketing campaign. They are critical for supercharging the lead generation efforts of any online business. With platforms like GetResponse and Instapage, you can focus more on other aspects of your campaign without compromising the quality of your landing pages.