In the realm of B2C marketing, there are so many variables that marketers can often forget what areas they should be focusing on.

We break down three key facts that impact all businesses and marketing teams in 2020 below.

1. Strong Visuals Earn Traffic

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Content marketing is going to be at the core of marketing efforts in 2020. But content itself includes several components—written, visual, auditory, and print, to name a few.

What part of content marketing must be prioritised? Visuals—they are the key to driving traffic to your website, and boosting conversions and revenue.

A strong visual, like an infographic, can improve views and customer retention.

And creating visuals is no longer the massive undertaking it used to be—online guides can help you learn how to create a timeline with little effort and no cost.

2. Personalised Email Marketing is More Effective


If you want to improve your email deliverability numbers in 2020, you need to get personal—and by that we mean creating a personal connection between your brand and the audience.

Understand what your audience needs from you and adapt your emails accordingly—address the recipient by name, and send them targeted emails according to their interests.

And always ensure that your emails are error-free by using tools like Grammarly—with the amount of content being created now, typos can make or break an email campaign.

3. Brand Awareness Needs to be a Priority

Businesses that focus only on selling to their audience aren’t going to see as much traction as those who try to build a rapport with their followers.

You want people to know about your brand before they buy from you—otherwise, all you will be earning is a one-time sale. You need repeat customers to grow your business.

The best site designs and social posts put emphasis on informing and entertaining the audience, thus building more brand awareness and creating a loyal base of customers.


These are just three key areas that B2C companies can work on in 2020 to boost their reach and their revenue.

Have you been prioritizing these aspects of marketing for your business? Share your results in the comments below.