45285942_sMany B2B companies take advantage of display advertising as it provides them the opportunity to get their message in front of a large network of potential customers. Google’s Display network reaches a whopping 92 percent of all internet users, but many marketers remain unsure of how to optimize their display ads to drive results and meet their campaign objectives.

Below, we share three tips B2B companies can use to maximize the results of their display ad campaigns.

  1. Choose Websites to Display Your Ads on Wisely

With Google’s placement targeting, you have can select which websites you want to display your ads across. With over 2 million options in Google’s database, you can choose websites based on the interests of a specific demographic that you’re targeting, reaching them where they prefer to spend their time online.

For example, if your company sells password management software, you can target any of the leading technology or business websites out of Google’s options. Placement targeting ensures that your ad is getting in front of the potential customers most likely to see its value and respond to your message. Be smart about the websites you’re showing your display ads on and you’ll be rewarded with improved quality of the leads you generate and more successful ad campaigns overall.

  1. Capture Prospects’ Attention Using Keywords

You can get your ads in front of potential customers while they’re engaging with similar content elsewhere online by using contextual targeting at the keyword level.

Say you’ve created an ad group to advertise your business’s password management software. Google would use contextual targeting based on the keywords you’ve chosen to include in your campaign—such as “password management” or “password management for enterprises”—to determine the most relevant and appropriate webpages across its Display Network to place your ad on. Contextual targeting ensures that your ad is relevant and timely for the potential customers who see it and that it reaches them when they are in the right frame of mind to purchase your product.

  1. Drive Conversions with Gated Content

Another way to maximize the results of your display ad campaign is to link your ad to a landing page that gates your content behind a submission form. Results have shown that gated content offers drive the most results from internet users and increase the quality and amount of leads generated. The contact information you gather can also be used in other lead nurturing marketing efforts, making display ads featuring gated content a real win for your business.

So B2B companies, start creating display ad campaigns optimized for audience engagement and get ready to see improved results.