The growing dependence marketing has on technology has created a space where marketers are compelled to develop new skills that are aligned with the rapid growth of the digital world.

Whether you’re looking to jump-start your career or wanting to brush up your skills to keep up with the transformation of digital marketing, there are several fundamental skills that no marketer should leave behind. With the constant development of new trends, it’s often difficult to stay on track and not get lost in the chaos.

As digital marketing recruiters, we directly recognize the many crucial skills digital marketers tend to neglect far too often. We have a firsthand perspective on digital marketing trends and what businesses are looking for in their marketing talent. Below are a few staple skills that marketing recruitment agencies believe are necessary for any digital marketer to own in 2018 and beyond.

Is Content Marketing Dead?

Avoid Neglecting These 4 Basic Digital Marketing Skills in 2018

The growing impact technology has on the digital marketing landscape has placed such substantial focus on technical skills, that marketers tend to forget about the core pillars of marketing.

One of the major driving forces in successful digital marketing is content. Yes, it still remains king and is going to continue to hold down the fort for many years to come. In order to stay relevant in a cutthroat world, organizations need to produce a steady stream of high-quality content to attract their audiences.

Digital marketers that are capable of creating content that not only aligns with their organization’s objectives and voice, but know how to communicate their messages effectively with their audiences, are always in high demand. Whether it’s a blog post, social or email marketing content, marketers that want to stay relevant need to possess great communication and writing skills.

Your ability to clearly communicate with others doesn’t just stop at your core customer. Digital marketing recruiters place a heavy focus on marketing professionals that know how to communicate with people within the organization, such as the CMO or other key stakeholders.

Tools to help build your content marketing skills:

Analytics: More Than Just Numbers

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From conversion tracking cookies to social media responses, the sheer volume of big data companies have access to is overwhelming. Marketing recruitment agencies today realize the need for experienced analysts that know how to translate this data into valuable information, and effectively communicate it with management, key decision makers, and peers.

Being able to interpret analytical data allows you to make sense of all the numbers and effectively drive growth that aligns with business objectives. If you have a passion for crunching numbers, adding data analysis to your skill set could be an excellent career move.

Tools to help build your marketing analytics skills:

Is Your Technical Skill Set Enough?

As a marketing recruitment agency, we’ve watched closely as the demand for marketers who are technical has tremendously increased. Martech, in particular, is on a significant rise as more organizations across all industries are integrating more technology and applications to support their marketing efforts.

The heavy penetration of technology in the digital marketing world drives the need for marketers to adopt technical skills, such as coding, database management, CMS management, and much more. The immersion between technology and marketing is becoming more interconnected than ever.

Tools to help build your technical skills:

Creativity Is More Important Than Ever

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It’s evident that marketers are becoming more technical with the rising demand of marketing professionals that are technically-driven. However, the marriage of tech and creative is more important than ever.

Coming up with creative ideas for content such as blog posts, video or social media campaign to effectively stimulate brand reach and awareness has always been a skill marketers need to possess. In line with effective content, a digital marketer must know what type of visuals and creative aspects of a campaign resonate with their core audiences.

The creative and visual elements of a marketing campaign are some of the most crucial parts and shouldn’t be neglected. In a landscape that’s highly visually-driven, marketing professionals who are experienced in creating compelling visual experience and have a design-first mindset are sought-out for in the market.

Tools to help build and cultivate your creative skills:


Although it’s important to establish a niche level of expertise in a concentrated field, the top marketer today needs to encompass at least some sort of basic knowledge in all of the disciplines we’ve discussed above. These are skills that simply cannot be ignored in the midst of today’s digital world.

Are you stuck at a point that isn’t stimulating or helping you progress in the long-term growth of your career? Don’t hesitate to reach out to digital marketing recruiters to discover growth opportunities today.