9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

Digital marketing is not a job for the faint of heart. Your friends think you waste your days on Facebook, and your parents think you know things about “the internet”.

But what do you actually do?

Truth be told, digital marketing is tough. And that’s because the space that you work in is constantly changing.

Once you get past the mountain of jargon and into the nitty gritty of conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and maintaining social engagement, you might look back and realize that there’s a lot of ground to cover and that few people around you feel your pain.

Well we do.

That’s why we’ve compiled 9 gif’s that only a digital marketer can understand.

Whether you’re a social media manager, content marketer, PPC specialist or something in between there’s a gif in here that’ll float your boat. Even if not, feel free to click here to tweet this article just to let your Followers know you’re still reading about “marketing things.”

Without further ado, let’s get to the gifs!

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

It’s happened to the best of us. Somewhere between copying over a newsletter template, adding a UTM code, or simply inserting your links, things can get overlooked and the wrong link gets sent.

Does this make you a bad person?

No. But does it make you look a careless marketer.

To remedy this, ensure to always test your emails before sending. Make a habit of clicking on all of the links before you press send and save yourself some tears.

When an influencer tweets out one of your articles

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

Break out the bubbly! An influencer just tweeted a piece of your content.

Does that make you famous? Not quite. But it goes a long way to prove you know what you’re talking about.

Influencer outreach is one of the best ways of increasing the reach and overall visibility of your content. At Wishpond we’re huge advocates of Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique for content amplification.

Promoting your content to be seen and shared by influencers might not be easy, but it is a marketing milestone worth celebrating.

When you discover a high converting CTA

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

If you’ve read any articles about CTA optimization you might have heard tips like:

  • Make your CTAs action oriented
  • Make your CTAs benefit oriented
  • State exactly what your CTA button is going to do

The list goes on, but at some point you need to stop thinking about hypotheticals and put that theory into action.

Depending what you’re offering, different CTAs will make sense in different contexts. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t uncover a hidden gem of CTA text that works better than all of your CTAs combined.

For us those have been simple:

  • Get Started
  • Create My Free Account
  • Create My [Insert product here]

What are yours?

When your boss changes your KPI halfway through the month

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

I can’t speak for you, but whether your KPI’s are website traffic, product signups, blog subscribers, qualified leads or a combination, the way in which you plan for your marketing activities will vary.

That’s why marketers find it so frustrating when their KPIs are suddenly switched up halfway through the month.

When no one shares your blogpost

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

So you’ve spent hours laboring over a blog post, you’ve done your research on the best content types and jam packed your post with as much value as humanly possible.

Yet for whatever reason, whether it was a problem with your headline, how the topic resonated with your audience, or any number of other things, people just didnt feel like sharing your post.

Well that sucks!

It happens to the best of us. All you can do is dust yourself off and get back at it.

When people find out you’ve been retargeting them

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

I often hear “I see your ads everywhere, you guys must spend a fortune on advertising.”

The truth is we don’t spend that much on ads here at Wishpond, but we do invest in retargeting from our different content and blog pages.

The problem is that a lot of non-marketers are unfamiliar with the term “retargeting,” and telling people that you’re basically stalking them online based on a cookie in their browser can come off a little bit creepy (to say the least).

As marketers we’re all aware of how effective retargeting is, but it can still make a social interaction with a prospective customer a bit awkward from time to time.

Finding out that Facebook’s changing organic reach (again)

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

If you’re a social media manager, new updates from Facebook can have a serious impact on your job function and overall efectiveness.

This is especially true if your contributions are measured based on social media reach and engagement.

Although we know might know that the changes Facebook makes are to help with the overall user experience (which is great for us users), as marketers we can’t help but cringe every time Facebook releases a new newsfeed change and we have to scramble for a month or two.

When you see an email with Hi {{First-Name}}

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

We’ve all heard that “personalization is the key to engagement.” And this can be true when segmenting users based on interest, location, or buyer readiness within your sales funnel.

But one old school personalization technique – namely the use of merge tags in an attempt to increase email open rates – can sometimes backfire, especially when the merge tag doesn’t populate the user’s name.

Trying to figure out SEO like

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

We all know how crucial SEO is for a business. The problem is that as marketers, as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes pages end up ranking for terms other than what we optimized for, or will randomly receive random traffic spikes for reasons beyond our control.

As much as you can search through Google Analytics and use your SEO software tools, sometimes at the end of the day you’re just left wondering…

9 Struggles Only a Digital Marketer Would Understand

That’s a Wrap

There’s our list of 9 things only a digital marketer could understand. I’m interested to know, can you relate to any of these?

What’s the biggest struggle your team is facing these days?

Is there something you’d add to this list?

Let me know! I’d love to hear from you in the comments!