Whether a business has products, services or both, the only way they can make a profit is by making sales. To do this, many companies use lead generation. New businesses, or those who are looking to improve their sales and learn more about the best ways of generating leads, may turn to lead generation blogs for tips, ideas and advice from experts and those with experience in this field.

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation is a way that businesses and individuals attempt to get potential customers interested in the services or products that they are trying to sell. Potential customers can then be turned into real sales. Traditional methods of generating leads are advertising, customer referrals, events and telemarketing. Modern strategies revolve more around utilizing technology and include organic search engine results, the Internet, social media and using specialist online lead generation services.

What are Lead Generation Blogs Discussing?

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Anyone interested in finding out more about lead generation will find that there are plenty of lead generation blogs out there with lots of advice, tips and information on the subject. Each has their own specialist areas, so you can find information on just about anything to do with lead generation.

However, some subjects are more topical than others at the moment. Hot topics on these blogs at the moment include using social media, building lists, content marketing, increasing online traffic, paying for leads, using lead generation services and search engine optimization.

1. Lead Views

Lead generations and sales closure are the main topics of this blog. There are nine contributing authors, all of whom have backgrounds in marketing, sales or online business. There are eight categories of posts on here each with their own section, so it is easy to just read about the topics you are interested in finding out more about rather than having to trawl through a long list of blog posts. The subject categories include, among others, B2B Lead Generation Blog, B2B Marketing Insider and Sales Pulse Blog.

2. Leads Explorer Blog

Lead Explorer Blog has an extensive catalog of articles aimed at professionals to help them succeed in business. Leads Explorer is actually a professional web service that businesses can use to generate more traffic and keep track of all the relevant data and statistics you need to monitor how well your lead generation campaign is working, as well as other in-depth information.

3. Traffic Generation Cafe

This is a great blog for online businesses or any business that has a website as it is all about generating traffic. Traffic Generation Cafe is a blog written by Ana Hoffman, an expert in this field. Alongside the in depth blog posts, there is also general marketing news that Ana has researched form across the Internet.

Her aim is to use her own experience to help small businesses with a small marketing budget to increase traffic to their site. She offers all readers a free book about strategies. Overall, it is a good blog to learn about trending marketing topics as well as traffic generation.

4. B2B Lead Blog

B2B Lead blog covers many different marketing and sales topics. As the name of the blog suggests, this lead generation blog predominantly focuses on B2B. In terms of leads, categories include lead generation, lead management, lead scoring, lead qualification and lead nurturing. There are 15 resident contributors, each of them has their own specializations and vast experience in marketing, sales, promotion and lead generation.

The aim of the blog is to give professionals relevant and topical information to help them succeed in an evolving marketplace. Although this lead generation blog is best for those interested in finding out about B2B issues, there is a wealth of information available on all aspects of marketing so it makes good general reading matter.

5. Point Clear

In terms of variety of subjects, this blog probably offers the most diverse and extensive range of posts when compared to other blogs about lead generation. Practically every sub-topic you can think of that relates to marketing, lead generation and general business strategies is covered on this blog.

They also promote a number of other lead generation blogs that they think will be informative and beneficial to their readers. The blog is part of the main Point Clear website. It is their in-house specialists who create the content for their blog, although they do have guest blogs that offer readers informative articles written from a different perspective.

6. iMediaConnection Blog

Most of the blog posts on here are about marketing, social media, advertising, generating leads and web analytics. However, there are also posts on other business subjects, such as research, desktop apps, emerging platforms and best practices. A variety of bloggers contribute to this blog, each bringing their own professional experiences and knowledge to the fore. The layout of this blog means it is easy to find the most relevant blog posts in relation to what you want to learn or which topics are of the most interest to you. Also, the blogs are written in a style that makes them easy to understand, even for novices.

7. B2B Lead Gen Blog

This blog tells you everything you need to know about generating leads, with a particular focus on B2B. The posts cover both the basics of lead generation as well as trending topics relating to this subject. The posts are written by business development professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and lead generation.

The lead generation blog is part of a website that offers lead generation services and there are a number of other resources that blog readers can use. These include a media library and a sales proposals and quotes calculator that helps you to determine how many leads you will need to hit your sales and profit targets.

8. Insightpool Blog

This is a blog on a professional social engagement activation service. The posts discuss various aspects of marketing and using social media as a way of generating leads for your business. Although the blog is aimed at promoting the services they provide, there is a lot of useful information for people who have limited knowledge of marketing and social media. While you are on this blog you may also want to check out the other resources available on the sight. These include webinars, audio and video resources and case studies.

9. ReTargeter Blog

ReTargeter is an advertising platform service that helps you to market your business across the Internet by targeting advertisements and optimizing your marketing spend. Their website also has a blog with content written by the company’s leading specialists. The main topics covered in the posts are generating leads, advertising, marketing strategies, re-targeting, recruiting, social media, testing, retail and business optimization. This is a great blog for finding information and tips that will help you to improve all aspects of marketing your business.


Overall, reading any of these blogs is a fantastic way to find out how you can generate leads, improve sales, increase profits and advance their business to the next level. Anyone who is serious about succeeding in their business should make the most of the rich information and advice there is to be found in blogs, as the articles are written by people with direct experience of generating leads. Furthermore, you can pick up a diverse range of tips and advice to improve all other aspects of your business alongside learning about lead generation.

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