What is one mobile marketing opportunity startups should not overlook and why?

1. SMS Lead Capture

Patrick ConleyThese days you can use software like Infusionsoft to easily have prospects text in their email and name to get free stuff from you. This builds out their contact info in your CRM and allows you to send cool marketing campaigns that generate sales. This is a great strategy for events, but can also be used to convert offline leads to online in any format.
Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes

2. Humanize Your Strategy

Rob FultonI always try to incorporate a humanizing element to my marketing strategies, and for me no detail is too small to make a customer feel at home. A simple, “thank you” for signing up goes a long way, especially if you have a great, strong graphic and a unique message that lets them know they’ve made the right decision.
Rob Fulton, Matikis

3. Optimize Your Mobile Checkout

Fabian KaempferMarketing opportunities are not only outbound efforts. You can achieve a lot through improving your mobile marketing experience by specifically optimizing your checkout. This area can literally make or break your conversion. Make sure that this process is clear, efficient and as mobile-friendly as possible. Simply being responsive is not enough.
Fabian Kaempfer, Chocomize

4. Text Messages

Ty MorseEverybody, across all demographics, uses text messaging. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And it’s instant.
Ty Morse, Songwhale

5. Push Notifications

Andrew SchrageTake advantage of push notifications. You can improve your open rates by as much as 50 percent, and your click-through rates could double.
Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

6. Augmented Reality

Brittany HodakWith the democratization of augmented reality, any startup can partner with a technology provider like Layar or Metaio to offer engaging, awesome value-adds from their physical products. Companies can white-layer existing AR apps, or embed the technology into more robust apps that offer more immersive experiences (ZinePak chose the latter). AR is a great way to “wow” customers and clients alike.
Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

7. Mobile PPC

Brooke BergmanIf you’re considering paid media as part of your marketing plan, look at mobile separately. Use ads and calls to actions that work specifically for users on mobile devices — they’re much different than users on desktop computers.
Brooke Bergman, Allied Business Network Inc.

8. YouTube Advertising

Eric SiuYouTube ads are a largely untapped channel right now and many people watch videos on mobile. Look for this channel to grow rapidly as more people discover the power of marketing on YouTube.
Eric Siu, Single Grain