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Every entrepreneur needs an extra pair of hands here and there to keep the business running at peak efficiency. They hire assistants to target specific areas within their businesses.

As a digital entrepreneur, you don’t just use digital technology to run your business. You are focused on digital commerce, creating digital products and services and delivering them exclusively online. You need to hire assistants with specific skillsets to target needs within this business niche.

A digital business has unique characteristics which makes it important for you to hire assistants with the following specializations.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is integral to any digital product or service. You need compelling designs to make your offering highly attractive. Whether this means designing product packaging or a service portfolio or various digital marketing materials, it has to be awesome. This is because there’s a barrier created by the distance between the consumer and your product when it lives online.

A graphic designer helps you close that gap. And you need to hire assistants with niche specializations. This means a designer who can create carefully crafted imagery that helps the consumer imagine holding your product in their hands. Or, a designer who knows how to visually communicate a close working relationship with a client even though you’re not likely to ever meet in person.

2. Customer Service Rep

Online shopping is all the rage, but any entrepreneur who’s been on both sides knows that selling online invites more customer inquiries and issues than selling in a physical store. Because of that distance, that inability to make physical contact, there’s an inherent distrust in each online shopper.

You need customer service reps experienced in online commerce because they understand this distance and the heightened concerns it stirs up. And you need more than one because the internet never sleeps.

3. Social Media Manager

Much of the marketing opportunity that a digital business can take advantage of lies within the world of social media. This is where your target customers hang out because they are part of the online crowd. This is therefore where you can meet them and build relationships with them.

Social media is a different environment from, say, your local mall. You need a social media manager to create and implement marketing strategies that will work in this setting. And you need one that knows which social platform will work best for your business and has expertise in that platform. This assistant will understand the culture of that group and know how to speak their language.

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4. Blog Writer

In the digital world, your blog is one of the ways that you can communicate with your audience. It’s one of the best ways, in fact, because you can create lasting content that they can come back to time and again. It’s a perpetual source of brand information and product tips and service assurance that each new target and customer can learn from.

You need a blog writer with experience in your niche and a keen understanding of who you are as a brand. This is how you can communicate your message clearly to hit your marketing goals. Expert content attracts, educates and converts.

5. Outreach Researcher

Networking online makes use of different avenues than traditional conferences and marketing events. Following up after meeting new potential partners for a digital entrepreneur is also different. There’s a lot more opportunity to connect online because of how the internet enables us to connect with people who are otherwise out of reach. But you need to hire assistants who know the best methods and understand the protocols involved.

The internet has opened up communication like never before. But this has also created a greater potential for intrusiveness. An online researcher who is experienced in partner outreach understands not only the best way but the correct way to make first contact online and to develop that relationship. Entrusting your networking efforts to this expert will help you forge the right relationships and also make sure that you are intelligently nurturing them from the get-go.

6. Email Organizer

Because you’re a digital entrepreneur, email will be a main means of communication for you personally and also for your business. You are going to have clients and/or customers spread out over the whole country if not the entire world. They are not going to want to call you long distance to check in. They will instead, more often than not, send an email to ask about a product or follow up on an order or send you additional information for a task. This is just the way the internet works.

You should hire assistants who can keep both your personal emails and your business emails nicely organized. The concept is the same as having an assistant who takes calls and updates appointment books and passes on messages. But an email organizer specializes in non-verbal communication and in keeping everything clear and concise when we know that so much can so easily get lost in cyberspace, especially when you can’t quickly clarify a remark via email.

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7. Web Designer

Your website is your storefront, your calling card, your billboard, your brochure and more. Whatever digital product or service you are selling, your website is at the core of all your efforts. This is the foundation of your marketing and your home base, your headquarters. It needs to be a solid example of the best of who you are and what you represent.

An expert web designer will help you to build a website that carefully balances all the elements and features and functions that you need to hit all your goals. From communicating your brand image with colors and lines to inviting more viewers with ease of use and readily available information to guiding potentials to the finish line with the tools they need to meet their needs, a web designer is your key to making it a reality. Without this expertise, your business will hit it’s fullest potential much too early on in the game and stagnate.

8. Bookkeeper / Accountant

Ben Franklin wrote that nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes. I add to this that it will be an early death for your business indeed if you don’t have your taxes – and everything else financial in nature – sorted out from day one. Ben was expressing his doubts about the permanency of the Constitution, but for your business, the same general concept holds. You can never be certain how many sales you will make this month or how fast you can grow your business.

You can, however, get a good idea of your cash flow and how you can work with it to reach your growth goals. Hire assistants skilled in working with numbers and how they move in the online world. A bookkeeper with honed digital business skills will handle the complexities of digital record keeping and an accountant focused on the financial workings of digital businesses will help you make the most of what you have and take steps towards getting to the next level.

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Final Thoughts

Every digital business should hire assistants who have grown up professionally in the online world. This is where your business lives and it’s different from the brick and mortar one.

You should actually hire assistants who have been born professionally into the online world because they are the ones who understand better than anyone else the cultural influences and prevalent ways of this unique digital atmosphere. They are the ones who are best suited to accomplishing each task in the most effective way for your benefit as a digital entrepreneur and for your digital business, too.