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Whether you’re about to land your first after-college job, are looking to enter a new field, or want a position in a better company, your resume plays a crucial role.

It’s proven that employers might take no longer than a few seconds to form a good or bad first impression, which is key to whether or not they actually give your profile a chance.

Your resume is a marketing tool and it’s time you start treating it like one, especially if you’re a digital marketer.

In fact, a resume can make or break your success. It’s the same with good books. You can be holding a bestseller in your hands, but if you don’t market it strategically and to the right people using the right channels, sales won’t be made.

The same goes for your resume. You might have fantastic knowledge and experience and be the ideal candidate for a job, but if that’s not presented in a great way, you don’t stand a chance.

Knowing that people are getting more and more creative with their resumes these days, it’s worth taking the extra effort to upgrade yours too.

Let’s see how you can take your digital marketing resume to the next level. You can apply the following tips to create a completely new one or simply update your current one.

  1. Simpler is always better.

The first rookie mistake we notice all the time when it comes to resumes of aspiring digital marketers is that they add all they can think of to their CVs. They also overdo the formatting.

But we live in a world of information overload and expressing yourself effectively usually means focusing on less rather than more.

Here’s what you can do:

Instead of asking yourself what else you can add, think of what could be removed;

Ask for feedback. When a friend, colleague or another professional in the field takes a look, they might find something redundant. Seeing things from another point of view helps;

Make your resume scannable – people don’t have the time to actually read. So they scan. Make it easier for the future employer by using short paragraphs and sentences, bullet points and subheadings;

Prioritize – something the employer will immediately want to see in your resume is a list of skills that apply directly to the job. So make sure you include this element first before going into details about other things.

  1. Write your resume for the person who will read it.

I really like what Devrix’s CEO Mario Peshev says: “Marketers tell stories tailored to their target audience. It only makes sense to leverage the same technique when applying for a job – study your employer, find out what areas they need help in and how your experience comes handy. Tackle different angles – culture, business goals, anything you know about the business. Differentiate yourself from applicants shooting generic CVs to dozens of companies at a time.”

Many of the best tips in business can apply to almost anything else in life. For example, an idea can’t be validated without having a target audience in mind and tailoring your message towards them, taking into consideration their needs and interests, trying to answer their expectations with your product or service, and – most importantly – using their language when promoting your offer.

The same goes for your digital marketing resume. To stand out from the crowd and to never see a rejection letter again, customize your resume according to the company’s values, the CEO’s knowledge and experience, or the manager’s hiring style.

That, of course, takes quite the research. But if we’re talking about landing the ideal job, it’s totally worth it.

  1. Be crystal clear.

Keep it short but don’t forget to clearly convey your message. An employer should never guess so make sure you answer the first questions that pop up in their mind when they take a look at your digital marketing resume.

Write about what they want to see in it and state everything clearly. That shows you’re a good communicator too and they already know they won’t be wasting time with you discussing the same things over and over again if you work together.

  1. Get specific when listing accomplishments.

Your resume is the place to list your past successes, so do it together with the numbers and in an engaging way.

Some people who’ve done a lot for another company simply don’t know how to make this sound interesting. So they mention it in a sentence and let it go. Instead, however, you can emphasize on how you’ve helped your previous boss move the company forward or what else you’ve accomplished in the field. Be specific when talking about this. Use bullet points for this section.

  1. Basic skills don’t matter anymore.

Gone are the days when people added the same old boring text to their resumes. Some things that were considered a special skill a few years ago are a must now. So instead of adding what your employer already thinks you must possess, leave it out and focus on the good and relevant stuff.

  1. Revision never ends.

Yes, you will check your resume with a grammar and punctuation checker tool. Yes, you will proofread it 2 or 3 times. Then, reading it out loud will make you feel like you’ve gone the extra mile.

But still, that’s not enough. There’s no limit as to how many times you can revise your final draft before sending it as 1 error or 1 sentence that’s structured in a way an employer won’t like can kill your chances of success.

  1. Follow the latest resume trends.

Last but not least, don’t just leave your digital marketing resume exist without taking a closer look at it every few weeks. Yes, that often!

It’s not just in order to update it, but also because each time you’ll have a bit more experience and maybe even new ideas on how to improve it thanks to networking with the right people. So it’s worth applying the advice.

Additionally, new trends are emerging every now and then. Staying up to date with your field, the companies you’re about to apply to and technology in general is a sure way to have a resume that stands out.

These seven tips should be enough to help you create the perfect resume or update your existing one. Good luck!