Once upon a time Digital was a room. Then, much later, with the birth of the web, digital became a marketing channel just like TV, radio and print.

Today, thanks to mobile and other connected devices, digital is a persistent layer of our daily lives. Bud Caddell

Digital marketing has many components like social media, SEO, content, email, PPC and web analytics. To get the most out of digital marketing you need a strategy which outlines how to use each of these components, in what order and what budget is available for each component.

This might all sound daunting but fear not we have an excellent infographic that will walk you through creating a digital marketing strategy that will help improve your bottom line or ROI.


Infographic source: DigitalVidya

The 1st step is to understand what is a Digital Strategy:

What is a Digital Strategy?

A Digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that are going to help you achieve your goal(s) using online marketing techniques such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing and Web Analytics – HubSpot

8 Important Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. You want to Skyrocket your Online Revenue
  2. Competitors are Taking Over the Digital Market
  3. Your Digital Revenue has Dropped in the Past Few Years
  4. You are Wasting Time and Money with Digital Marketing
  5. Your Digital Team is Not Working Seamlessly. E.g. Content team, Social Media team and SEO team
  6. You are Not Utilizing the Opportunities to Capitalize on Digital Revenue
  7. You want to a Hire More Digital Marketing Resources
  8. You are Looking to Increase Your Digital Marketing Budget


If you are looking to get better results with your digital marketing efforts, start by creating a strategy that everyone in your team can follow. Use this template as a starting point and customize it to your own goals and objectives. A digital strategy can bring in all moving parts together and give you a bird’s eye view so your efforts are not going to waste!