Creating a digital marketing strategy is crucial to move your business forward, but having this strategy produce actual results can be another story. On top of this, digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving, which means you and your strategy must as well. During our 16 years of experience in the online marketing and advertising field we have been continually adapting to the new trends and possibilities to optimize marketing campaigns. Here are the most recent mistakes we’ve seen in companies whose marketing strategies fail!

1. You aren’t automated enough

Nowadays there are countless ways to automate marketing processes, if you are manually sharing all of your company’s articles and sending company emails then you are surely wasting your time. Tools like Hubspot allow you to automize communication with your consumers while still making it personalized, the tool also allows you to set up different messages to be sent to those who take different actions on your web. To automate your content to be shared among all of your social network communities you can use Hootsuite and Hubspot among other tools, which will save you a lot of valuable time.

2. You aren’t outsourcing your content creation

To be successful with your content marketing strategy you need to be consistent, and to do this you will need to create a lot of high quality articles, which requires a lot of time. The best way to do this is to hire writers to create articles or ebooks. These writers have a lot of experience writing and can produce articles in a short period of time, leaving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

3. You don’t have a communications person

Writing and organizing content can be a daunting task if you don’t have a communications person. These people are crucial to have on your team in order to prepare the most compelling content and to schedule that content for publishing. This team member should have extensive experience working in the field to be able to boost your company’s public image through various publications, content and media coverage.

4. Your sales, marketing and communications teams are not interconnected

These three areas of business are no longer separated and if they are it could be seriously hurting your marketing efforts. Your marketing team should work with SEO and determine the best keywords to use while the communications team should then use the keywords within the content and then the sales team should contact the leads obtained through both marketing and communications efforts. These people from sales, marketing and communications should be sitting physically close to each other in the office and should be in constant contact while working to ensure that everything flows smoothly through all business efforts.

5. Your employees are not continually learning

The digital marketing field is a field of constant change and evolution. Each month there is some new way to market your product, a new social network to run advertising campaigns or a new technology to improve and make your processes easier. Your employees should be encouraged to evolve with the changes and learn how to use them to the company’s advantage. Set up funds that employees can use to take classes or workshops, which will help them feel motivated to learn and get them updated on the newest digital marketing trends, which will keep your business ahead of the competition.

6. You don’t know how to track results

This mistake is made very often by many companies whose marketing strategy is not necessarily failing but there are no KPIs set in place to track its success. Picking the most valuable KPIs depends on your company’s needs and marketing efforts. If your focus is on content marketing then the number of impressions is crucial to know if you’re successful. If you use many online ads to promote your business then the amount of paid traffic you obtain is necessary to know if those ads are paying off in the end. Determine which KPI is the most relevant to your company and keep a constant eye on those results to know if your efforts need to be improved.

7. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have a plan of action

Strategies are necessary but just as important is the plan of action. This plan needs to include the information of who does what by when. This makes a specific person responsible for a task that has a deadline, which the whole team is aware of. During your meetings with the whole team take some time to review the status of the goals as a group to keep an eye on the progress. Doing this with the whole team gives people the opportunity to ask for assistance if they are coming across difficulties. If you’ve seen your marketing results start to stall it could be the byproduct of lacking a plan of action. This will get your team in gear and ready to reach all the objectives for the New Year!