Facebook marketing has never been easy. Competition is always increasing as more businesses focus on the platform, causing ad costs to continue to rise by over 20% per year. In order to succeed, marketers need to be savvier than ever.

The good news is that Facebook still offers a potential audience of over 1.5 billion daily active users. To effectively reach your ideal customers on Facebook requires proper preparation and planning. Otherwise, your campaigns are unlikely to produce the results you expect. To do this, it’s important to keep up with the latest Facebook Marketing Strategy. Luckily, there are many approaches you can take to get started.

Do you know that website visitors fall in various segments? It’s important to think about marketing to each segment in a unique way. Here’s how you can start thinking about segmenting your potential customers:

  • First time leads: These are potential customers who have never seen your site before. These are often referred to as Cold Leads in marketing terminology.
  • Lukewarm leads: These shoppers have browsed your site, but not made a purchase. Think of them like window shoppers in brick and mortar store.
  • Your followers: In a case where your online store has a blog or uses social media, your followers, subscribers, and readers fall into this category. They contribute to regular traffic that visits your website.
  • Warm leads: These are those customers who are likely to buy from you. With a small push, you will be able to convert them into purchasers.
  • Repeat customers: Customers who have previously made a purchase and are likely to do so again fall into this category.

To have a successful Facebook strategy, it helps to think of your customers in these segments. Each group has needs and shopping habits that you can appeal to. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive list of 7-must use Facebook ads strategies which will help general you to generate more online sales:

Abandoned Cart campaigns

Picture this: someone spends a lot of time on your site, browses their favorite items, and adds them to cart. But before they make their purchase, they abandon your site! How do you get them to come back and make a purchase?

Abandoned cart campaigns are just what you need. These campaigns aim to back customers to your store to complete their purchase.

As a part of this strategy, you can run Facebook ads to target shoppers and have them come back to make a purchase on your site. But what if a customer has already made a purchase? With the help of the Facebook Pixel, you can automatically create (and update) segments of only customers who have abandoned their cart.

As a bonus, if you get shoppers to engage via Facebook Messenger, you can send automated abandoned cart campaigns directly via the platform.

Upsell campaigns

This type of campaign is intended for repeat customers. What does it involve?

Your eCommerce cart software(e.g. Shopify) should already have a history of customers’ previous purchases. Using this data, you can target buyers with ads showing product recommendations that match their tastes and encourage them to make another purchase.

You can also inform customers about any discounts or promotional offers for their favorite products. This is a proven strategy used by many leading brands to improve their customers’ lifetime value (LTV).

Video-based Content

Long gone are the days of sending regular page posts to customers. Wait for what?

By this I mean, gone are the days of text-based posts; video is the new medium of communication. Instead of sharing posts with only images or text, try sharing videos and video ads with your customers. They are much more likely to watch and engage with your content, while can ultimately lead to generating more sales.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

These are the remarketing ads that use Facebook’s algorithm to showcase multiple products for your customers. The products are based on what users have searched/purchased in the past.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA Ads) are proven to increase conversions because they show customers the benefits of various products within just a single ad. This is another useful tool to help you automate your Facebook ads.

Turning your potential customers into real customers

Think of this like drawing window shoppers into your physical store with a great promotional, thus converting them into buyers.

With Facebook ads, you can create an audience of potential customers who have seen your videos or browsed through your products but not yet made a purchase. Maybe these customers thought your price point was too high, or they simply didn’t feel a sense of urgency to make a purchase.

You can create campaigns that address any possible objections and invite customers to come back and make a purchase.

To get started, you can use the following trick: divide your Facebook audience into smaller segments and target them with ads tailored to each group. For example, you can explain your product benefits, show customer testimonials, or present any offers/discounts that would encourage them to make a purchase.

Combine Facebook ads with content marketing

Most businesses use Facebook marketing strategies to generate cold leads, engage warm leads and encourage repeat customers. Why not combine your Facebook ads strategy with content marketing?

Combining ads with your content strategy can help strengthen your brand’s image and reach a wider audience. Another benefit of this approach is you don’t need to spend large amounts on ad campaigns – just create engaging posts or tips and tricks that include how your product works. Wealth simple, a Canadian online investment management service shows a great example of promoting their blog content on Facebook:

You can then retarget any leads generated from your content marketing using ads targeting your previously created Facebook audiences.

Give it a try and watch the magic happen!

Branding is the next frontier

Customer love brands. And shoppers are known to show more interest in making a purchase after getting to know a brand.

Developing your brand can be as simple as creating videos. Attract customers with a captivating story about your products or about your brand itself. Don’t be afraid to educate customers about your brand when viewing your ad.

People like to see authenticity. What else can you do to present a story that wins over your potential customers? Let your creativity flow and attract new shoppers with enticing video ads that clearly demonstrate your brand’s story.


By implementing these strategies you’ll be well on your way to dominating Facebook. The only thing standing in your way is you.

So what do you think, are you ready to beat your competition?