Perhaps you’ve just launched your new website or are looking for ways to better leverage your current site. If you start looking around, however, you’ll find hundreds of online tools at a marketer’s disposal. But when you have little to no extra budget to spare, how do you find the gems—the tools that will really make a difference?

Below are a selection of free digital marketing tools that help with it all: your website, social media/sharing, and writing. You may be using one or more of these already, but chances are there’s at least one here that will scratch an itch you’ve had for some time.

On-Site Tools

Google Analytics

What it is: Online tool that provides insights into how visitors find and use your website. Part of a suite of free and paid tools provided by Google.

How it helps: Want to determine if your SEO, web copy, and curated content is providing ROI? Google Analytics provides a wealth of data at your fingertips. (The hardest part may be focusing on what exactly you need and figuring out how to measure effectiveness for particular tactics.) If you do nothing else, install Google Analytics on your website.


Moz’s Open Site Explorer

What it is: Tool that allows you to check your website’s domain and page authority—and that of your competition. The free version is limited to about 3 reports per day.

How it helps: Knowledge is power. And, in this case, it helps you understand whether your web pages are well positioned to rank in Google’s search results. You’ll also find out what domains link to yours, giving you insights into the overall quality of your inbound links. You will also be able to see which pages of your site get linked to the most (and decide if you want to bolster these areas or focus more attention on others).



What it is: A tool that gives you insight into how visitors are using and interacting with your website.

How it helps: Shows you how visitors are interacting with your website via heatmaps, visitor recordings, clickmaps, and scrollmaps. There are also options to add messages and surveys to certain pages of your site to get a better grasp of user experience.

Social Media/Social Sharing


What it is: A suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s traffic.

How it helps: All of the apps are free—with some limited functionality, of course. This includes easy-to-install social share icons and content analytics, among other useful mini apps.


What it is: With a suite of paid and free offerings, Hootsuite is a popular tool for social media management, analytics, and content scheduling.

How it helps: The free tools are great for an individual or smaller firm. With the free tools, you can manage up to 3 social media profiles, schedule content throughout the day or week, receive 10 customized content suggestions each week to share with your followers, and get access to even more free/paid apps, and free social media courses.

Content Development

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

What it is: A simple blog title generator that leverages three words of your choosing to generate content topics.

How it helps: You end up with some decent ideas for blog topics/titles. A word of caution: don’t rely solely on the results to create titles for your content. It’s a great resource for ideas, but you’ll want to make sure anything you tackle fits into your overall content marketing strategy.


Hemingway Editor

What it is: A robust online content editor.

How it helps: It doesn’t just check for voice and readability. It offers alternatives to complexly worded phrases and identifies adverbs that detract from content effectiveness. It’s a great way to check your online content and craft snappy web copy.


I encourage you to check out these mostly free digital marketing tools. One or two of them could make a great addition to your website kit. What are your favorite online tools? Let me know in the comments area below.

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