Push notifications are an effective way to engage users on your website. It is critical to design them well to provide the best experience but also avoid creating a negative user experience.

In this post, we’ll look at some creative ways to build your push notifications. Now, let’s start by looking at what you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t send push notifications at an inappropriate time. For example, at the break of dawn when people aren’t awake yet or when they’re not active online
  • Limit the number of notifications you send every day. If customers get overwhelmed, they’ll build a negative emotional association with your business
  • And avoid sending generic messages that aren’t personalized

For the rest of this post, we’ll cover some creative steps you can take to engage your site visitors. These tips will catch your audience’s eye and get them to take action.

Use a screen overlay

Sometimes you need to draw a little extra attention to your push notifications. Especially when you have new visitors to your site and you want to connect with them before they leave your site for good.

A screen overlay allows you to cover the page that users are on with an easy-to-exit overlay. You can add arrow symbols and text to this overlay and point out an invitation to subscribe to push notifications.

Make sure that you offer a compelling reason or a lead magnet of some kind when doing this since an overlay can be disruptive. But with the right mix of content and a solid value proposition, you can get users to stay in touch with you by opting in for push messages.

Create quizzes to engage users

Quizzes are fun and engaging ways to build excitement in your audience. A creative way to get people to opt-in for your notifications is by inviting people to answer a quiz or play a game. You can build quizzes on your website that make people curious and eager to try something entertaining. And use push messages to get them to the page where they can answer them.

You can also double down the fun factor in your push notification by rewarding people with a small gift like a discount or some other benefit.

Create a giveaway

Another way to create excitement and to get people to interact with your brand is to create a giveaway campaign using push messages.

Send out short but interesting messages letting people know that they can win something awesome. People love to get things for free and they’ll even undertake specific actions if they think it will increase their chances of winning. If you plan your giveaway well, you can direct your audience to subscribe to your newsletter, share your profile on social media, drive traffic to your website, and more.

Add emojis

Today, tiny and expressive emojis have spilled into business communication. Brands, large and small, use emojis in emails, social media posts, and other online communication. You can make your push content humorous and relatable by adding emojis.

Emojis draw the eye by breaking up long text content. They also add emotions to your content that your audience can engage with.

Ask questions

One way to attract the user’s attention is to ask questions. You can pose a leading question and then answer it in a blog post. In this way, you’ll pique your audience’s curiosity and drive traffic to your website.

Here’s a clever example of The Wall Street Journal posing a question that many people will want to know the answer to.

Create teasers

Since push notifications are short by nature and function, it’s a great medium through which you can share teasers.

If you have a new product launch coming up, then tease its arrival with push notifications. You can also post updates, breaking news, surprise sales, and other offerings that make your users aware that something different is happening.

Push messages are great for redirecting people to visit web pages you want them to go to. The key is to think of them in terms of short bursts of messages that act as hooks. Keep working on copy, images, and ideas that capture people’s attention and convince them to take action in some way.


We’ve covered some very creative ways that you can leverage push notifications to grow your business. Push notifications on their own are highly impactful. But when you are thoughtful and creative in how you use them, it’s possible to multiply the rate at which you get more customers.

I’ve shared some creative ways that you can use to make your push notifications more impactful. It’s important to experiment, try different things, and track the data from your various push campaigns.

In time, you’ll figure out new and interesting ways to leverage your push messages to keep people engaged. Push notifications are powerful and with the tips laid out here, you’ll be able to grow your business fast.