digital content that generates leads

Digital is the new normal. Now more than ever, people produce and consume vast amounts of digital content on a daily basis. The constant stream of content to users across the globe can make it overwhelming for both producers and consumers alike. Still, providing content via digital platforms is a primary way to inform, engage, and connect with audiences. As organizations reevaluate and revamp digital marketing strategies, it’s important to also construct digital content that ultimately drives lead generation. To stand out and grab the attention of your target buyers, apply these six tips.

1. Publish Content Across All Relevant Platforms

With the variety of digital platforms that people utilize, your organization needs to create content that can be distributed and promoted across these mediums. Social media and your website are primary places for you to share content, but email, paid search, and a variety of other channels are available as well. More platforms increase the chance of someone converting on a call to action (CTA) that can turn them into a lead.

2. Create High-Quality Content

There might be pressure to rush a blog, eBook, or similar content on a short deadline, but unnecessary haste can result in content that’s less than optimal and possibly even detrimental to your reputation. Lack of depth, expertise, or completeness are not impressions you want to leave on prospects. High-quality content keeps readers coming back for more thus providing more opportunities to generate leads. This also helps establish your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

3. Augment Content with Relevant Visuals

Visual content attracts and engages audiences. Content that contains visuals gets 94% more views than text-based content. Think of ways to create or repurpose content to make it visually enticing. For example, if you have a text-heavy white paper, consider adding a few charts and graphs, images, pull-quote highlights, or even repurposing it as an eBook that is more graphically oriented. Animated videos and infographics are also highly visual and engaging content types. Certain topics are more suited for visual content, so deciding what strategically makes the most sense is key.

4. Create Content That is Clear and Concise

Messaging that is clear, concise and informative matters most. Focus on the central topic of the content piece and ensure it is structured with a clear narrative and easy-to-follow organization. People like to read listicles or similarly structured pieces of content. Make it flow and easy to read otherwise readers may click away and not return to read something else. Content that connects with your audience immediately typically means they will likely return and become a valuable lead for your organization.

5. Create Content That is Backed by Data

There is nothing wrong with brainstorming ideas and writing directional drafts based on those ideas. But to add real credibility, perform the necessary research to back it up with data. People love to read ideas but backing it with evidence gives them more validation that your content is credible and trustworthy. Consistently delivering accurate, factual content earns more and more trust from those who consume your content and progresses the relationship from prospect to lead.

6. Create Content That is Easily Accessible

Gated content is a fundamental tool for lead generation. Some content, like blogs, articles, and videos, typically do not require information form submission (ungated content). But within these blogs, articles and more, you can insert CTAs that connect to high-value gated content and generate leads. Having a healthy balance of both ungated and gated content is vital. When sharing social media content, make it easy for your followers to click and view. If a white paper or eBook is downloaded as a PDF, ensure a seamless download process.

Content that is relevant, engaging, and useful for your audience is key to building a strong and trustworthy relationship with your company and brand. As you build these relationships, and continuously deliver valuable digital content, more and more prospects will convert to valued leads and new business.

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