Website AnalyticsOver and over again, I hear from potential clients that they are afraid to put the time, manpower and effort into social media because they don’t know if they can get any real, quantifiable return on investment. They don’t know how to prove that using social media has actually increased sales

One of the main tools I recommend for tracking social media ROI is Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics to track social media:

  1. Google Analytics will track the traffic that is coming onto your website from each different social site, giving you an overview of your social media marketing campaign in one convenient place.
  2. Use the conversions report to prove ROI from social media. What is a conversions report? From Google Analytics website: “The Conversions report shows conversion rates and the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to visits from social networks.” Make sure to have conversion goals setup, whether you are tracking a lead, sale, or other microconversion, such as a click or download.
  3. Are people sharing your content? Knowing what they are sharing can give you valuable clues as to what really engages your market, and therefore what do give them more of. Configure Google Analytics for “sharing reports.”
  4. As social media sites continue to emerge, it’s important to know which ones to spend your time on. If you are sharing your content across dozens of social sites, which are the ones that are bringing you the most traffic? To find out, use what Google calls, “social sources.”
  5. Does your website need to be optimized for mobile use? Find out how much of your traffic is referring to your website from a mobile, web connected device such as a phone or a tablet.

If you have to report to the CEO or board members, create a custom Google Analytics dashboard with the key metrics they care about most—sales, revenue, and cost-per-acquisition. One of the coolest things about Google is they provide all kinds of tutorials to make using their products easy, along with online support forums. Check out the Google Analytics Product Tour.

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