Mobile Marketing PlatformsWith Halloween over and the winter holidays approaching, the shopping rush will soon begin. This year, mobile devices look to be the preferred platform for consumer purchases, letting people shop from anywhere, not just the mall.

Depending on how much you’ve invested in mobile marketing, this might sound a bit alarming. But it shouldn’t, as mobile marketing is just another opportunity for profit. Here are five tips that make clear why digital marketing can be a successful venture:

  1. Use Proper Keywords

Mobile marketing is similar to website marketing in that you need the right keywords. But the difference is that with mobile marketing, the use of related keywords, as well as business-specific ones, is especially important. Make sure your keywords relate to the content they’re included in, updating them as necessary.

  1. Include Contact Info

Once you have the right keywords, next is ensuring your mobile content includes the necessary location info. With it, mobile users in your area will have an easier time finding you through organic searches. Necessary information includes maps, addresses, and being listed in local business directories, as with most web marketing.

  1. Prioritize Mobile

Mobile marketing means having an easier time connecting with customers than with regular web or search engine marketing. If you have a new promotion or a unique offer, put it on your mobile site first for a faster customer response. And more importantly, give consumers the option to subscribe to timed alerts for additional offers.

  1. Be Creative

When people visit your mobile site, they often want to be entertained. Depending on the site, you may see entertaining content the form of animation or a comic book layout. Why not do something similar? Mobile sites allow you to be creative, whether through video SEM or image design, and it’s a worthwhile venture to entice clients.

  1. Test Functionality

With the recent release of the iPhone 6, it’s important to update your mobile marketing materials and confirm they are compatible with all devices. Testing your mobile ads, pop-ups, and other related media across various devices ensures they can be found through mobile searches and will function correctly upon discovery. This may seem like a lot of extra work, but it can be very rewarding if done properly.

This article 5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Platforms was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.