SMS Marketing ExampleSMS marketing is becoming one of the most popular digital marketing streams for businesses and organizations across the globe. Companies are spending more on SMS then ever before and it only looks to be increasing in popularity over the next several years. Why? There’s a handful or reasons. Here are 5…

  1. It’s easy. It really doesn’t take much to develop a solid knowledge of SMS marketing. After an hour or two of research, most people are up and running with their first campaigns. Especially if you understand the basic concepts of marketing, getting your business started with SMS won’t be that tall of a hurdle.
  2. It’s targeted. If you compare SMS marketing to other common marketing streams, one of the biggest things you’ll find is that it’s concentrated specifically to a target audience. Unlike others like newspaper, radio, and billboards, the only people you’re exposing your marketing message to are those who have opted in. This alone is so incredibly powerful; especially as your list of customers begins to grow.
  3. It has a generally high response rate. If you think about it, SMS marketing can be one of the most relevant marketing streams for your customers. Because 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes, you can tailor your promotions to be extremely relevant for a given time. For example, a restaurant could schedule a text message coupon to go out to all their subscribers at 11:30 AM, right when hungry office workers are beginning to think about lunch.
  4. It’s measurable. Because the response rates for SMS marketing are so great, it’s much easier for you to see what promotions are and are not working. Every company is different so it’s all about experimentation, measuring, and replicating for the first few months. Once you identify a common theme or strategy that works, use it, with some variation to keep things fresh.
  5. It’s affordable. The average small business spends anywhere from $49 to $99 per month on SMS marketing. For most companies, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to their total marketing budget. If you compare that to the total revenue you could generate with your text promotions, it’s a no brainer.

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