Ad quality is part of Ad Rank, which means that the better quality your ads are, the more competitive they’ll be in the AdWords auction and the better they’re rank. This brings us to “Quality Score”. Google’s AdWords calculates a “Quality Score” instantly for each keyword whenever they match up with a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality Score can shift based on search network, search query and location. This means that if your keyword performs well on some searches, search network sites, etc., but not others, its Quality Score will be higher under those conditions. One thing’s for sure – the higher the Quality Score of your keyword, the better your ad positioning will be and the lower your costs.

The following 5 tips will help you improve your Quality Score.

1. Ongoing Keyword Organization
Effective organization of your keyword database is essential for successful PPC results and will significantly increase your likelihood of attaining high keyword Quality Scores.

2. Determine Keyword Quality
As you access the quality of your keywords, be selective when it comes to your quality optimization efforts because it will help you achieve the maximize impact. In addition, be sure to follow up on your Quality Score diagnosis, paying attention to ad quality considerations that include ad relevance, estimated CTR and the landing page experience. The real-time assessments of these three components are utilized in the AdWords ad auction, but the Quality Score itself isn’t. When these components aren’t performing effectively, it’s time to take action and improve them.

3. Keyword Optimized Landing Pages
Landing pages need to contain content that includes your targeted keywords for every ad group in order to increase relevance. In addition, a highly relevant landing page can also increase conversions. If your target audience reads your ad, is compelled to click through, ending up on a landing page that satisfies their expectations, you’re going to have visitors that are happy about what you have to offer, encouraging them to become customers.


4. Optimize Ad Copy
Coming up with ad copy that is customized to fit your keywords will boost the relevancy of your keywords on each of the ads you create. This will not only help increase your Quality Score it will also help boost the click-through rate. It’s also important to work your keywords into the ad copy which can be done using a dynamic keyword insertion (inserts keywords automatically) or manually. The biggest benefit of optimizing ad copy is that your ads will be more relevant which leads to improved click through rates, which raises the keyword quality score, saving you money as well.

5. Reduce Landing Page Load Times
The amount of time it takes to load your landing page is an important consideration when it comes to calculating Quality Score. Take time to look at the load times on all of your landing pages and figure out what can be done to reduce it if it’s an issue. There are handy page speed and Webmaster tools available online that you can use to test the speed of your landing pages including

The tips listed here will help you streamline your ad campaigns, improve your Quality Score, and help you become more competitive. You’ll also enjoy higher ad placement, increased click-through rates and reduced minimum keywords bids, meaning lower campaign costs – all results that are well worth the effort.


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