“Digital Marketing – We have technology, finally, for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger number of people”-Pierre Omidyar

The world is seeing a steep rise in the number of millennials. The latest statistics place their percentage at around 27% of the total population of the world. And this generation loves digital realms. Although other generations are not far behind in terms of embracing technology either, they are the current leaders in using and consuming digital products and services. It just goes to prove that digital marketing is now an integral part of a company’s marketing efforts. However, most firms don’t have the muscle and resources to execute digital marketing on their own and this is why they turn to professional agencies.

This article lists a few questions that you should ask your digital marketing firm before outsourcing your work to them.

1. How do you communicate with clients?

Communication is always one of the most basic and fundamental questions that every company executive should ask their digital marketing firm. Ineffective communication is responsible for the breakdown of most client-agency relationships because the expectations are not clearly conveyed on both sides and during the course of the collaboration, things start to go south. This is why it is important to communicate expectations and preferred ways of interaction beforehand.

2. What projects have you worked on and what were client feedbacks on it?

In order to substantiate a firm’s claim of great results and profits, it is imperative to not only ask, but also cross check their statements through the following things:

  1. Ask them about their previous projects
  2. Get details of the clients and their reviews about the services
  • Speak to these clients personally in order to be sure the agency is telling the truth

3. What tools do you use for analytics and marketing technology?

We’ve stressed the need for proper data management in previous blogs and as a result it is important that you should be aware of the analytical tools and technologies that the firm you’re hiring is using. More importantly, ask them which metrics and factors they track in order to obtain and maximize results. At this point an effective and sound digital marketing will explain their entire process with immaculate details. The clearer the communications the better an agency will be at the task.

4. How are results measured and communicated?

Once you know how the process will be carried out and what tools will be used, don’t miss out on the results because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re there for. Not just the measurement of the results but how well they are communicated and in what form is also of utmost importance.

5. How well are the contract, fees and other relevant details communicated?

Contracts are usually considered a bundle of jargon that the other person might choose to ignore and are therefore, filled with hidden obligations which become binding once it is signed. Be sure that the contract and fees are clearly defined with no hidden charges that might become a nuisance for you afterwards.

These are just a few of the questions that have to be kept in mind when selecting a digital marketing firm to handle this important task for you. Make sure that you perform a sound research even before you set out searching for an outsourced digital marketer.