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Digital marketing is by no means an easy endeavour. In today’s brutal competition, you need to employ the best practices that will help you achieve the winning factors; covering several areas of your online business. This includes content creation & marketing, social media management, email marketing, web analytics, and a comprehensive marketing platform to streamline all your marketing activities.

To make sure you are prepared for these factors to online success, here are the five essential tools you should use:



DOZ is an all-in-one marketing management platform where you can manage your campaign down to the smallest detail. With its clean interface, you can easily plan and schedule marketing tasks such as a new social media post, a newsletter broadcast, a big project launch, and so on. These can be setup as tasks within the platform with a single click, allowing you to develop rapidly, deploy, and monitor your marketing activities to ensure that you will hit your target each time.

DOZ also makes it easier to manage your team of in-house marketers or get help from about 6,000 marketing professionals on demand. This is one of the unique features of DOZ that can empower both startups and established businesses on more ambitious goals. The on-demand workforce is readily available on the platform, so you no longer need to look anywhere else.

DOZ is your full-scale marketing software – the kind of platform you’d check before and after your daily marketing activities. However, remember that it is just the beginning. You need other components in your digital marketing to make full use of DOZ. First, let’s take a look at your content strategy.



Content is the primary building block of digital marketing. It permeates every aspect of your business from customer acquisition down to conversions. Curata is a strong content creation and marketing platform. It can help you gauge the performance of your current content strategy and shows you ways on how to improve it.

Curata also helps with content curation. Make sure the right work is being done by customizing an editorial calendar, which you can fill by identifying the best and most relevant content from different sources. Using the simple interface, you can easily publish your content to your promotion channels to increase engagement with your audience.

Remember that content also plays an important role in your lead nurturing strategy. This encompasses all channels such as social media and email lists. With Curata, you can pinpoint what worked and what didn’t so you can further refine your content strategy. So, using this tool is a cycle that never actually stops.

Now that you have your content curation platform, you should focus on optimising your distribution channels – starting with social media.



Social media is one of the main marketing channels that online businesses use for promoting brand awareness and lead generation. To make the most out of your content strategy, you should make sure that your social media pages are optimised to maximise your reach and garner a following.

Hootsuite is a popular, comprehensive social media management tool that will help you maximize engagement, tune in to what your audience is saying, and optimise your content strategy down the road. It helps you learn engagement patterns with your content using real-time data so you’ll know when and how to adjust. It can also help you identify the top social influencers to spread the word about your brand.

Keep in mind that social media is a highly effective channel for generating strong leads, but you’ll have to make sure your brand stays in your audience’s mind by converting them into long-term subscribers.



Email marketing is a time-tested area in digital marketing that’s proven to get reliable results, especially when done correctly. It is a surefire way to maintain brand awareness, promote new content, nurture your existing leads, and foster customer loyalty. GetResponse is a tool that will automate essential email marketing processes for you.

One of GetResponse’s key features is the drag-and-drop email builder; bringing your ideas to life in a matter of minutes. Quickly find the layout that works by conducting split tests with different emails. You can also optimise your targeting strategy, so your emails hit the perfect audience all the time. Moreover, to give your audience the best engagement, you can preconfigure automatic follow-ups that will offer them reassurance and other essential information.

You can also take advantage of GetResponse’s webinar marketing solution to educate your leads and maximize the value they get from you, consequently building your authority and credibility in your niche.

When it comes to growing your email list, you can also use GetResponse to design and build highly converting landing pages with ease. Remember that customers will only convert when they are fully engaged. Most of your potential customers will also exhibit behavioural patterns when interacting with your website. This leads to the last tool that can help you with your winning marketing campaign:

Crazy Egg


When it comes to digital marketing, it is nigh impossible to get things right the first time. In fact, you probably won’t achieve the appropriate content or the best site layout in your second or third try. Remember that success in digital marketing is on-going. You need to be flexible, adaptive, and reactive to circumstances. Moreover, to make the best decisions, you need data-driven observation.

Crazy Egg is one of the most popular analytics tools for online businesses. It generates heat maps that can give you a clear view of your visitors’ behaviour while on your website. This will help you pinpoint what particular visual elements attract clicks, as well as on-page elements that users tend to avoid.

Crazy Egg also allows you to compare heat maps so you can easily measure the changes in two layouts. It is an easy, fast, and simple way to ditch the number crunching and directly measure your site’s performance.


While this article focuses on the best possible options for your marketing, there are other viable alternatives you can choose from:

Email Marketing:




If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to see your entire digital marketing effort as chain-links. It is only as strong as the weakest component. After developing strategies with your content, social media, email marketing, and analytics, don’t forget to integrate everything back to DOZ so you can see the whole picture. If it does not make you smile yet, then you need to make more improvisations.