How to remove the image background easily for free? I have asked this question many times until I’ve researched these five most popular tools. If you need to get an image with a transparent background, I recommend checking out this list of alternatives with all pros and cons described. After testing each of these background removers, I’m sharing my findings here and hope that they will help you save precious time and find the tool that suits you best.

WoFox Background Remover

WoFox is a simple and intuitive background remover. To start working with WoFox, you need to upload or drag a photo like in two previous tools. User experience is great, but the result… The result speaks for itself.

The screenshot of the result delivered by WoFox

If you need to get several details transparent in the image, WoFox is a perfect option. However, if you want to remove the entire background, this tool is not probably what you’ve been looking for (at least, it wasn’t for me). Many background removers use red and green brushes to mark background with red and an object with green colors. In the case of WoFox, only areas within red line limits become transparent, while the rest of the background remains the same. Sorry, WoFox, you’re nice, but we should continue searching for a tool that removes the entire image background.

SocialBook Background Remover

The next thing I found on the internet was SocialBook Background Remover. It is a web-based tool that doesn’t require you to spend time on download and setup. SocialBook is extremely easy to use.

Honestly, I have never used a digital tool that works faster and smoother than SocialBook. All you need is only to upload your image (or put its URL), click a button, and receive a photo with a transparent background almost instantly. Before cutting an object out from the picture, you need to enter a human-verification code. However, I suppose that several seconds are a low price for getting the result of the excellent quality for free.

SocialBook Background Remover applies artificial intelligence that enables precise selection. There is no need to select an area intended for removal manually or mark anything with red and green brushes like in a previous tool. Just a click of a button is needed to remove the image background. In the example below, you can see the input photo and result. This tool has completely satisfied my requirements and helped me do what I needed within a few seconds. At the moment, I like it most, but let’s research what else is available on the web.

The screenshot of the result delivered by SocialBook is another AI-driven online background remover with a clean and intuitive user interface. I have been pleasantly surprised to see how easy getting a transparent background can be. You should upload your photo, click the button, and the process starts. After 5-7 seconds, the object is cut out of the picture and available for download.

Unlike in many background removers, there is no paid subscription or signup required. A significant advantage of is the accuracy of selection. Like SocialBook, it applies AI technology too that allows cropping out even the most complicated objects like human silhouettes or even hair. The result looks neat and meets my requirements. Let’s see if anything else can offer us even more than the tools mentioned below.

The screenshot of the result delivered by


PicsArt is a free image background remover. The first thing you see when hitting a website is a promotional phrase promising users that creating transparent backgrounds has never been this simple. Is it true? Let’s check it out!

To get started with PicsArt, you should enter its website, enter the editor, upload your photo, and click a button to start processing it. Removing the background in PicsArt a breeze and takes around 5-7 seconds. This tool also applies an AI technology that allows making a quite precise selection.

What I don’t like in PicArts is that it blurs the silhouette of the object. Only a central area of the image seems not to be blurred. To see a difference closer, you can compare results provided by PicsArts, SocialBook, and Two last tools have delivered a much clearer silhouette of a girl in the photo than PicsArt. This background remover can help if you need to get a transparent background quickly. However, if you want to get a clear silhouette of the object, two previous tools might be better options.

The screenshot of the result delivered by PicsArt

AirMore Background Eraser

AirMore is a free AI-powered background eraser. Once you entered a website, you understand that you’re dealing with artificial intelligence since it’s the most promoted feature on a landing page. However, is it as powerful as promised?

There are three options available on a website:

  1. To recognize people only
  2. To identify products, animals, cars, texts, graphics, etc.
  3. To recognize stamp.

Since I’ve used a photo of a girl to test the tools mentioned above, I’ve opted for the first type of object recognition, and it has done the task well. The selection tool is precise. This tool has helped me tackle my challenge of the image background removal.

The screenshot of the result delivered by AirMore


I’ve tested five free background removers, and here is what I’ve assumed. SocialBook,, and AirMore provide the best results. All of them are highly intelligent AI-driven tools that make a very accurate selection. They offer very straightforward user experience and allows you to get a transparent background with several clicks. What I dislike in PicsArt is that it blurs a silhouette of the object. Regarding WoFox, this tool is helpful, but it is intended for dealing with details, not for the entire image background removal.

There are many use cases in the modern digital era when you need to remove the image background without Photoshop. You may need to get a product photo with a transparent background for an eCommerce platform, optimize your teammates’ photos for an “About Us” page on your website, or nail a picture for your CV. With the right tool, all these tasks are a breeze. Hopefully, my findings and insights will be helpful for you.