Do you want to attract more visitors to your website and grow your email list? There are plenty of steps you can take to build your brand on social media, through email, and on-site. One of the most popular ways to get started is with a landing page.

Landing pages are specific destinations on your site where your followers can get valuable information or a special offer. These pieces of information and promotions are also known as lead magnets.

Marketers use lead magnets to attract visitors to their various landing pages. The goal is to get more people interested in your company, which can help you increase your sales and drive customers through your sales funnel.

Today we are going to show you five actionable tips you can use to build a simple and effective landing page.

Let’s get started!

Consider Your Goals and Audience

Before you can create your landing page, think about your target audience, and your marketing goals. Both of these factors will play a significant role in the type of landing page you create.

For example, do you want to promote a new product or service? If so, you can create a landing page contest with your latest free product available for one lucky winner.

But if your goal is to get more people to read your blog content, you may want to consider creating an information-based lead magnet such as an ebook or infographic.

Understanding your marketing goals will help you build a foundation from which you can create the rest of your landing page.

Getting to know your target audience can also make creating an awesome landing page simple. In other words, an online sporting goods store would likely create separate landing pages for consumers interested in different sports. It’s not uncommon to create multiple landing pages at once if you have different goals and customer segments you hope to target.

Allowing customers to self-segment when they sign up for your email list can make it easy to let specific groups of customers know when a new promotion or magnet is live.

Craft a Killer Headline

After someone clicks your link, your landing page headline is the first thing they will see. You have to do everything in your power to get this part of your page right if you want people to stick around and read the rest of your content, and eventually sign up.

Ideally, your headline should do one or more of the following:

  • Ask an important question
  • Show social proof
  • Offer a solution to a common industry problem
  • Present an irresistible piece of content

When you start thinking about headlines, it’s best to stick to the segment of your audience you hope to target. Let’s go back and look at our example sporting goods company.

If the lead magnet is a chance to win all new baseball gear for one person, the headline could say:

  • Need New Baseball Gear? We Have You Covered
  • Enter to Win Baseball Gear Used in MLB
  • Quit Spending Money on Baseball Uniforms. Let Us Help.

Notice how our example headlines touch on the traits outlined above. Your landing page headline needs to be concise, informative, and representative of your lead magnet.

Make Signing Up Easy

Landing pages are designed by nature to get people to fill out their information in exchange for your lead magnet. If the signup process is long, clunky, or complicated, you’re going to see significantly fewer conversions than you anticipated.

You know from adding a contact form to your website that there are certain pieces of data you need when consumers sign up, such as their name, age, and occupation. Their response plays a role in how you’ll personalize future offers, and can play a massive role in the creation of new marketing campaigns.

When you’re creating a form for your landing page, you may want to consider shortening your question fields as much as possible. Generally, it’s best if you have 5 or less for a smooth customer experience.

If you want more details to enhance personalization in the future, create a drip campaign for consumers that asks questions after they’ve signed up on your landing.

Deliver on Your Promise

The most crucial aspect of creating an effective landing page is delivering what you promised. If someone arrives on your page, signs up, but doesn’t get their gift, you may have just turned them off from your brand forever.

Avoid this dilemma by making sure you consistently deliver on your promises. If you offer a free piece book or guide, send the ebook automatically. Manually sending each email with your offer is not only time consuming, but can hurt the trust consumers have in your brand.

The same rules apply to contest landing pages. When you pick a winner, make a public announcement on your website and social media page. People who signed up but didn’t win will appreciate the transparency, and thus, are more likely to participate in future events.

Delivering on your promises isn’t just important on a personal level; it’s vital for the integrity of your company.


Now you 4 essential factors that go into creating landing pages with high conversion rates. Every industry is different, so you may have to make changes based on your target audience, lead magnet, and budget. The more time you spending creating landing pages and engaging with consumers, the better chance you have at understanding this effective marketing technique.

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