4 Steps to Using Digital Marketing to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Are you looking to create marketing strategies that work? Do you want to increase growth without increasing your marketing budget? Today’s post will tell you how.

Here are 4 steps to follow so you can use digital marketing to improve your overall marketing strategy.

1) Get Your Team On Board

The best digital marketing content strategies start with getting buy-in from the people in your company that have influence over making your plans a reality. What are some of the best ways to include your team and bring them on board with your vision?

  • Ask internal customer teams to share their expertise about your current audience and their concerns.
  • Have discussions about the key challenges your strategies will solve for your internal team.
  • Show each team how the changes you propose will help their business metrics.
  • Be clear on what resources are needed to make your vision a reality.

Your goal is to create a powerful team that understands how your digital marketing strategies can help them while also meeting the needs of your client. If you are successful, your team will be ready and willing to help you pitch your ideas, products, or services.

2) Create a Content Strategy

Have you already created buyer personas to identify your ideal customer? Digital marketing requires content and information that is appropriate for your audience. You must know what your target customers’ concerns, ideals, hopes, and preferences are. Here’s one of ours:

Buyer Persona for Independent Marketing Consultant

  • Talk to people who work directly with your target audience, particularly the men and women who work with your clients to get their insight on your ideal clients.
  • Ask employees who work directly with your current customers to fill in a questionnaire to gather more information about your clients.Customer Survey
  • Ask your target audience their opinions about the products or services that you are planning to implement.
  • Conduct an online survey.

Once you’ve identified your client needs you can also review statistics or data from public resources to back up your own research. Some places to find data include:

  • U.S. Census Bureau, which describes demographic statistics and business-related statistics based on the overall economy as well as specific business sectors.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, which provides detailed information about different careers, job descriptions
  • Local data on state and city websites.

Use the data you gather to identify the foundation for your content. Now you are ready to take the content and develop a plan to consistently publish information that your customers will find useful, educational and appropriate.

3) Develop a Publishing Plan

In a recent HubSpot report, we found a staggering 56% of survey respondents said they were doing content marketing without a plan. @HubSpot

Establish a Schedule

Publishing content is not limited to just posting information on one resource. You want to develop a plan and a method of generating content for your entire online and offline presence. Predictability is good; set a schedule and publish content at the same time each week so your customers can know when to expect to hear from you.

Publish in Multiple Places

Re-purpose your content for multiple sources. For example, develop a short social media comment that is based on the information you provide. Offer an attention-getting snippet of data and link back to the primary source of information. Use tools like Bitly or Google’s URL shortening tool to create short links that can be added to social media posts and comments.

Be careful when you adjust content so that you maintain a high level of quality. To ensure your content is ready for publishing in multiple sources:

  • Check the spelling and grammar
  • Keep data original
  • Use different words to summarize your main points

4) Promote Your Ideas Regularly

Start the Process of Promoting Your Products, Services and Ideas Early

Develop a promotion and marketing plan long before you start discussing your product and creating content. You want to know your target audience and ensure that every advertisement, blog post, and comment on social media is appropriate for the goals of your customers.

Discuss the Product Before it is Available to Purchase

Advertise the product with short videos that you put on your website or a blog post that discusses your upcoming products or services. Talk about the benefits of your services. Provide teasers by writing short content, small hints, and recommendations about the use of a product or service without discussing all of the details in a single resource.

Market Directly To Your Target Audience

Ask team members who are skilled at marketing and promotion to start putting information out to your target audience early. Send out flyers, postcards, or email messages to your current customers. Update the information regularly as your product or service becomes available.

Digital marketing helps your company grow and thrive by incorporating new marketing strategies. It helps you connect with new customers and keep up with the changing market. Whether your goal is attracting new inbound traffic or maintaining a great impression with new and returning customers, incorporating digital marketing gives you the tools to improve your future campaigns.

How can digital marketing help your business be more successful?

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