Although SMS marketing is still in its infancy, it has become a standard tool in many businesses owners’ marketing arsenal. With 99% open rates and redemption rates from solid campaigns reaching 25%, it’s really no surprise that it’s growing so fast. One thing that companies must keep in mind, however, is that with this type of marketing power comes greater responsibility. Here are 4 SMS marketing mistakes that every business owner should avoid.

Avoid sending too many messages. This one is pretty obvious. The frequency of your campaigns will certainly differ based on the type of industry you’re in. What you should do is put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How many text messages would you want to receive from a company like yours on a monthly basis? Decide on something that’s not intrusive to your subscribers and stick with it. Sending too many messages can not only increase the likelihood that people will opt out of your campaigns but it can also severely damage your brand’s image. Also consider giving your subscribers a breather every now and then. It will help to keep things fresh.

Avoid complex messages. SMS stands for “Short Messaging Service”. Short meaning 160 characters or less. Make sure your campaigns are brief and to the point. Long and drawn out text messages don’t get nearly the response that shorter ones do. So keep it simple, make sure you include the special or promo you’re offering your customers and that’s it.

Avoid regular “non-promotional” messages. Keep in mind that people join your SMS marketing list because they’re expecting you to provide them with valuable offers and information. Regular news updates and other messages should be reserved for email and other forms of “less direct” communication; not text. Sending regular “non-promotional” text messages to your subscribers is a great way to increase your SMS marketing’s opt-out rates.

Avoid poorly timed messages. This is another obvious one. How would you like to receive text messages from businesses you frequent late at night or early in the morning? No one does. It’s pretty intrusive. So be respectful of the time at which you’re sending your campaigns. Also keep in mind that one of reasons SMS marketing is so powerful is that you can time those text messages to maximize your response. For example, restaurants should be sending lunch promos around 11:30, right when hungry office workers are starting to think about what to eat for lunch.

SMS marketing requires some basic thought. It’s easy to master with a little effort and experimentation. Avoid these 4 mistakes and you’ll find yourself much closer to success.

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