Why You Need Analytics


Analytics can be like a rubix cube. Once you dive into the analytics abyss, the data can seem overwhelming. However once you learn how to strategize and learn the analytics process, you will soon realize that analytics can be the single most important aspect of digital marketing.

Early in my digital marketing career, I contemplated the next skill I should learn to fulfill my goal of becoming a complete t-shape digital marketer. I decided to choose between paid advertising or e-mail marketing. However before I dove straight into a new learning curve, an old boss provided me with some great insight. He mentioned that if there was one skill every marketer should learn along with their main skill-set, it would be analytics. Web analytics will be able to show your client actual “wins” and most importantly return on their investment. Quite honestly in my experience this is what C-level executives care for the most. The world of web analytics is increasing each day with big companies wanting to understand more about their business, goals, and how their users interact with their digital assets. Here are 4 reasons why you need web analytics training!

Analyze Marketing Channel Acquisition

With analytics training you will be able to understand where users are coming from. There are several different marketing channels, and marketing strategies in which analytics can provide insight. You will learn how users are effected by a search engine optimization strategy versus a paid advertising tactic.

Understand User Behavior

User Behavior

Users interact with websites in different ways and paths. Which pages did the users view? How did they navigate to those pages; and what did they search for? All of these questions are ones you need to understand to be able to effectively contribute to a successful analytics strategy.

Optimize for Your Audience

Once you begin to understand user behavior you will be able to optimize for your audience. Meaning optimizing for demographics. Where do the majority your users reside? Country, city, tri-state area? All of these will help in understanding how to optimize your marketing campaigns.


Finally once you learn analytics you will be able to effectively help a business define goals, report on them, and possibly provide some great insight through e-commerce reporting and tracking.

Search for local analytics training seminars or companies near you. There are plenty of legitimate training sessions and companies in the U.S. that provide high quality knowledge and education.