If your company wants to stay ahead of the competition and grow sales, it’s important that you utilise all available technology to the fullest. Mobile customer relationships management software, or mobile CRM, has become one of the most invaluable tools that companies are implementing, as a way to communicate with their customers and build relationships at faster rates than ever before.

More and more companies are relying on technology to help them keep up with operations, and this need will only increase as smartphone and table usage continues to grow. If your company doesn’t have mobile CRM, here are five reasons why it’s imperative you need to adapt it this financial year.

1. Quicker Interaction with Clients

If you aren’t interacting with your clients, you can bet that your competition likely is. If you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen and that you aren’t losing customers due to negligence, then CRM should be a vital part of your business strategy. Customers have just as much going on as companies do, and it’s likely that they value their own time more than they do that of the company. In order to ensure that you aren’t wasting their time, which will likely lead to lost clients, a mobile CRM can make for quicker interactions with clients.

2. Better Relationships with Clients

Not only are the interactions with clients quicker, but they are also going to be better developed as well. CRM technology allows your business to keep organised information and insight into the relationships that you have with your clients. Whether it’s a meeting that you previously had, a note that you made or simply an order that they were interested in, your sales staff can show customers they’re completely up to speed while out on the road – demonstrating the importance of the customers’ business to your company.

Customers enjoy working with companies that they feel care about them. The better that you can organise your relationships and keep your information tracked, the easier it will be to show them that they are a vital part of your organisation. While your competitors’ sales staff are fumbling information and forgetting things they’ve already asked, mobile CRM management will help your sales staff develop relationships with customers and increase their overall effectiveness.

3. Increased Revenue, Decreased Time

The world of business and enterprise never stops. That’s why it’s important that companies make the most of every second that they have, which a mobile CRM can help with. The bottom line is, a mobile CRM enables you to close more deals and gain more leads without having to waste time jotting down notes to type up back at the office or wait for the next working day to make an order after a late meeting. Make orders, track conversations and close deals right from client meetings.

4. Faster Planning and Organisation

Mobile CRM not only helps with speedy interactions with customers, but it also ensures that your company will plan faster internally as well. If you’re already using MYOB Exo software for your business and accounting processes for example, you can easily find a mobile CRM component that will integrate with Exo.

This means sales staff on the road can check stock, orders, revenue, invoices and payments on the go and collaborate with colleagues in other departments in real-time.