How often do you check your cell phone?

According to resent studies, the average person, checks their cell phone once every six minutes.  Do you fall into this bucket? I know I do.  My wife, well over the six.  But I know you’re not interested in how often my family checks their cell phones. You are probably asking yourself, “What does this mean to me, as a marketer?”

The answer… Opportunity. Opportunity. Opportunity.

The opportunity to integrate the SMS channel for timelier messaging.  The opportunity for more personalized communications.  The opportunity for a significant improvement in response rates when compared to the other channels, like email.  The opportunity to engage in a more relevant manner with the customer.  The opportunity… well… you get the idea.

SMS is unlike any other marketing tactic since you are marketing to an individual’s cell phone.  Cell phones are no longer used just for conversations.  People are using their cell phones for emails, games, browsing the web and, of course, sending and receiving text messages.  Nowadays cell phones are very similar to a person’s wallet in that they typically never leave home without either item.

Although the marketing opportunity is exponential, marketers should not rush into SMS without first doing the necessary research and preparation.  Marketer need to educate themselves on how to correctly get started using SMS in order to mitigate any potential risks.  To start, marketers need to understand these 4 keys:

  1. Selecting the right mobile partner(s)
  2. Understanding the foundational rules and regulations
  3. Documenting the proper set of campaign requirements necessary for acquiring a short code
  4. Ensuring the underlying technology is in place to support your marketing efforts

The details of each key can be found in the free white paper, published by the W Consulting Group, entitled Mobile Marketing: The 4 Keys to SMS Success.

It still surprises me how many companies have not started to implement a mobile component to their marketing.  SMS is the most basic element and with the help of the free white paper, you will be able to get started on the right foot.  As always, I recommend doing your homework by connecting with recognized professionals, like myself, in the mobile community and learning from those companies that are considered leaders in the mobile industry.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact Bob directly at [email protected].