Twenty-sixteen was the year of radical change, right? Not necessarily, it’s just that technology has improved the way we do business—and most sources indicate it’s going to continue down that path in 2017 and beyond. Here are four digital marketing trends that aren’t going away in the new year.

  1. Mobile Content

You probably already know that mobile marketing is big—but as studies projecting 2017 indicate, it’s even bigger than you thought. According to Smart Insights Mobile Marketing Trends, over 50 percent of searches are made on mobile devices, not laptops or even tablets. In addition, 91 percent of Facebook use and Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile-exclusive marketing.

Do you think improving the mobile experience is paramount? Hint, it is!

2. Advertising in Messaging

Another source says that social media monetization will be an important trend for the new year—and not just business as usual, but in messaging, as in the links people share to each other privately. Paid media on messaging apps is a big trend to watch, and this suggests more private web use instead of public.

A spokesperson from Media Partners says that it’s a booming area, if somewhat new. “There are a lot of limits to be aware of, because no user wants to be spammed just for downloading a new app. But think about how many subtle ads you see in a day’s time. If it’s done strategically, users won’t notice the intrusiveness.”

3. Live Video Streaming

Another source suggests that live video streaming, as opposed to just video content, may well a trend that’s not going anywhere. More social networks are offering live streaming content, including Facebook and YouTube, which should be an indication of where this trend is going.

This technology can be used to build brand awareness, and more importantly, boost engagement. Is there a way to tie in your product and other marketing aspects into some form of live video streaming? You might be surprised by how limited the competition is…not a lot of companies have figured a way to do this, so the more creativity you can bring to the idea, the better. Smart companies are beginning to use live streaming for company events, announcements, interviews or video blogs.

4. Multi-Channel Marketing

According to DMA’s Statistical Fact Book, one significant trend that’s impossible to ignore is that people are using multiple devices just to make up their mind on whether they want to try a product or service. Consumers use cell phones, tablets, laptops, maybe even desktop computers at work. The average person uses five devices, and not coincidentally, this is why companies make sure that their product can be seen in a similar or identical way on every format.

Not only that, but engagement may differ from one device to the next. It means companies are now studying the metrics of multiple device customer behavior and tracking behavior across all platforms, using this information for targeting. Even Google has gotten in on the action, which means it’s all but biblical in the story of 2017 marketing now.

A spokesperson from Chameleon John adds another point on the topic, “the best way to guarantee conversion in online marketing is to show the customer the value you’re giving them. The shift has gone from fast conversions and brand awareness, to long-term engagement in the social media age. Customers want personality in the business and they want to feel as if they’re starting a relationship with a brand they can trust.”