If you’re not using video marketing to boost up your real estate sales, then you need to real estate video marketingimmediately start a campaign that involves the powerful tools of video to start seeing some serious results. Sure, pictures can for sure help make that final sale, but sometimes the customer might need a little bit of extra convincing in order to be wooed from their hesitancy and video can be that extra push they might need. Video compliments images very well and can show even more information without the customer being bored by dry real estate articles. It’s a win-win for anyone involved!

But, there are more benefits than the ones briefly mentioned above. In fact, there are four benefits that should convince any real estate office they need to start utilizing the power of real estate video marketing right now.

1. Better Advertising

That’s right, sometimes a video can be better advertising for your real estate listings than dozens of pictures–especially if said pictures aren’t exactly of the highest quality. A video can show off all of the amenities and features of a house or apartment in a very easy to consume type of media that can last as short as thirty seconds! Your customers don’t need to read any long articles, cycle through hundreds of lower quality photos, or worse: have nothing to see at all.

2. Convey More Information

All real estate video marketing is able to convey tons of information in a much shorter time span, as was mentioned in the previous point. This means customers can check out room size, features, and other requirements they might be looking for in a listing without having to do a lot of research on their end. You can also take the time to make a “teaser” video to really entice customers and see an increase in sales.

3. Embed Calls To Action

Even the real estate agency benefits from a nicely laid out call to action (CTA), and one of the best places to put one is right in the video player of all of your real estate video marketing content. Not possible, you say? Think again! You’re now able to embed CTAs directly into your video player, allowing for customers to immediately interact with your business and go further along the sales funnel. No more having to be redirected to landing pages and risk losing potential customers, everything can be done as soon as the customer pushes “play” on that video.

4. Heightened SEO

Blog posts and articles aren’t the only type of content that sees a boost from the search engines when SEO is optimized properly. To compliment all of your optimization efforts, don’t forget that you can add keywords into the title and meta data of real estate video marketing and see a large boost from the extra work. YouTube isn’t just a place to watch all of those cute kitten videos, it’s also a giant hub of high quality backlinks and endless SEO.

Real estate relies heavily on visuals when it comes to online marketing, so neglecting the power of real estate video marketing is only going to continue to hinder all of your advertising efforts on the Internet. Instead, take the time and really get yourself out there with a compelling clickable video. Your ROI and sales figures will thank you.