When you sit with your laptop at a quaint café, all set to write a fresh new blog with really great ideas, stop for a moment!

What if you write really well and you publish it enthusiastically but your content doesn’t get shared or you don’t get as many conversions as you should!

I have broken down the entire conversion technique into three simple steps for you to grasp.

But before head over to that, tell me, what according to you is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is a converted customer, a person who is actually interested in your website and what you have got to offer!

A junk lead on the other hand is a mere email id, which won’t bring you any increase in the ROI.

Is there any point in trying to sell off your products and services to a person who is not even interested or won’t even buy?

NO! That’s practically time waste!

Now, to generate qualified leads, you need to make sure of the utmost important thing for people to even know that your page exists before you set out to boost your CRO.

#1 Mobile Compatibility for Lead Generation


“What was a click away is now a touch away.”

People are adopting the above mantra at a fast pace and smartly switching over to smart phones to hog the internet.

52.7% of internet users and 75.1% of U.S. internet users hog the internet via their smart phones.

~Business Insider

48% of users use their smart phones to start researching on a topic and 70% of these searches climax into an action being conducted within one hour of the search. ~ Hubspot

Building mobile compatible websites is something you can’t overlook if you actually want qualified leads!

And, while you make your website mobile compatible, you need to ensure the page speed because mobile users need more page speed than desktop users, use HTML5 over Flash because not every user must have a phone that supports flash, make sure no button is too small to touch and too big that it gets touched accidentally and strategizing your landing page differently.

Now, let’s say you have a mobile compatible website! So do a million others.

What distinguishes you from them?

Your content?

JUST CONTENT? Think again!

#2 Content that enhances CRO


“Exclusivity will reek of quality!”

Now, even if your website is mobile compatible but you are showing me the same stuff that everyone else is, why should I bother visiting your page?

Wouldn’t I simply go to the website where I read it first since that is original and everyone justs copies that blindly?

Let’s say I wanna watch the latest episode of Stranger Things, where do you think I would go first?



Because it’s a Netflix Original and I know that. So I won’t bother going anywhere else.

Number of subscribers in Netflix has shot up from 74.76M in 2015 to 86.74M in 2016.

Similarly, if you want people to visit your website and you want a genrous conversion rate, you need to bring the element of exclusivity and innovation to your website.

Now, let’s say you have produced original content and you have kept your readers engaged till the very end, what’s the next thing that you could do to simply win them over?

#3 CTAs for QUALIFIED Lead Generation

You can win them over by giving discounts and freebies and how is that possible?

That’s possible only if you know your customer’s interest and behavior.

After getting a good understanding of that, when you woo them with exciting offers, there are more chances of getting qualified leads.

Now, when you are shopping, wouldn’t you simply love when you get something for free or at a cheaper rate or on sale?

Why, you would even go to the same place again because all that ‘transparent love’ they showered has simply struck a chord!

So, go ahead, bowl them over with exciting offers, give stuff away on a sale, shower them with free stuff and the likes!



Would you like it, if you just step into a boutique for the first time and the sales guy just keeps rambling about a couple hundred offers without even letting you have a look at the variety of products his store has?

No! You wouldn’t!

Similarly, if you shove a CTA on their face just when they step into your page and when they hardly know anything about it, Boy! Are they gonna be annoyed!

And when you include the option to Unsubscribe, you’re reassuring them that they wouldn’t have to feel forced or overwhelmed by your emails and newsletters and they have the choice to opt out it whenever they want.

When you provide the ‘Unsubscribe’ option to your users, you are actually giving them an option to opt out of getting your emails when they wouldn’t be interested anymore.

You can use PPC and Paid Searches to inform your readers about upcoming new offers so that they will still get to know what’s new at your place in ways other than emails.

Social Media platforms always give you a win-win situation where you simply cannot lose out because even if the sun doesn’t rise, people won’t stop showing up on social media platforms and thus would be constantly updated about your website and posts.

Now, let’s say you have built an attractive post and a CTA that blends with it.

But what if it comes out all wrong to your customers?

Here’s an extra tip for you since you are actually interested in generating qualified lead to have read it till here!

#Test it out before you let it out: A/B Testing

Your post and CTA and all looks amazing.

But what if it doesn’t turn out in the same way to your customers!

A/B testing your website will show you how your post looks in different devices and which version looks better than the other.

When you make your website mobile compatible along with exclusive content and promising CTA, you actually evince your consideration towards your customers and that’s the flame that will bring forth the qualified moths.

You gotta walk a mile in your customers’ shoes to know them because, in the end, you need to,

“Write like a reader to be read like a writer.”