SMS Marketing For Restaurants

Restaurants that use SMS marketing is becoming more and more common every day. Owners who “get it” understand that with 99% open rates and 25% redemption rates, text is a stream that must be in their bag of marketing arsenal. For many restaurants who are less familiar with SMS marketing though, they’re finding themselves struggling to come up with effective ways to leverage the power of this mobile marketing stream. Here are 3 ways restaurants can use SMS marketing to drive traffic.

Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons are one of the most common and effective ways that restaurants are using SMS marketing today. Customers join VIP text lists to receive exclusive, “text only” deals. Make sure to give them what they want. Once per week, you can send out coupons offering your best customers lunch and dinner specials. Make sure the coupon is exclusive only to people on your SMS marketing list so you can make them feel like extra special.

Text 2 Win Contests
“Text 2 win” contests are one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers and grow your SMS marketing list at the same time. Simply set a time span where people can text in for a chance to win. When the contest is over, select a number of winners from the your list of subscribers and award them with their prize. Some SMS marketing providers even have a contest feature that handles everything for you. It’s surprisingly simple to set up and the results are extremely effective.

Reservation Reminders
Many SMS marketing providers give you the ability to send and schedule text messages to individual subscribers. When people call in to make reservations, you can simply enter their mobile number into the system and schedule them a text message at particular time to remind them about their dinner spot. You can even offer them a special coupon for joining your text list at the same time.

There are many different ways that restaurants are leveraging the power of SMS marketing today. It’s ultimately up to you to get creative and find what works best with your restaurant and customer base. Marketing is always about experimentation and measuring your success. Find out what strategy works for you and replicate it!