Encouraging interaction creates more engagement

Micro-interactions define marketing success. A site visitor may not make a purchase on day one, but each time they engage with your site, they grow one step closer to a conversion. Incorporating interactive content into your digital presence is a powerful way to create micro-interactions and drive conversions. Quizzes, calculators, assessments and other types of interactive content not only encourage longer periods of engagement, they can also provide your team with invaluable data-driven insights.

Why Interactive Content Works

Native interactive content on your company’s website gives visitors a reason to return, even if they’re not entirely committed to making a purchase yet. Simple games, surveys, calculators, and other interactive content on your site provide simple, free, and engaging ways for visitors to interact with your company. Interactive content also conveys quality; it shows visitors to your site that you have invested in creating something unique and memorable, which in turn conveys the idea that you’re a serious competitor in your market and worthy of their trust and their business.

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1.Ask the Audience

You can kill two birds with one stone using interactive content. In addition to reaching your site’s visitors in memorable ways, you can also use interactive content to glean valuable insights from your customer base. Consider surveys and simple assessments as interactive content. Take the time to create something engaging but not time-consuming that allows your visitors to tell you what they want from your brand. You could incentivize participation in these surveys and assessments by offering discounts or coupons, but the key is to make them fun and engaging so visitors want to participate without reward.

2.Create Better Customer Experiences

Customer service is absolutely important to modern business, but now the concept of “customer experience” has taken the helm of business-to-consumer marketing theory. Customer experience entails every interaction a customer has with your brand, from making a purchase online to calling customer service about an issue to leaving comments on your blog posts. When these interactions are easy to find, easy to complete, and provide tangible results, customers are naturally going to be more pleased with the experience. Interactive content is a fantastic way to generate memorable and useful customer experiences.

The data you gather from these interactive content pieces is valuable. Modern business runs on data. Companies develop new services and products based on consumer data and are always looking for new data streams with valuable insights. Interactive content is one of the best methods for gathering consumer data with minimal effort because it encourages visitors to provide the information you need, and to enjoy the time they spend providing it.

3.Draw in More Leads

Interactive content can quickly go viral, and suddenly people your sales reps might consider “cold leads” are knocking on your door to see what else you have to offer. A simple browser game, survey, animation, or other piece of interactive content can encourage visitors to your site to share what they find with their social circles. Interactive content can easily translate to word-of-mouth advertising. Most modern consumers take recommendations from known friends and loved ones seriously, so this is an incredible return on your investment.

Interactive content has potential on any website as long as marketing professionals can leverage it to their advantage. Take the time to assess what has worked and what has not in your past marketing efforts and carefully examine your customer profiles to develop memorable, valuable interactive content.